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The Aaron Remy Interview🥊

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In my FIRST EVER interview on the road of the DJ Sports Show and my first ever boxer 🥊 in my boy and CEO of the 3G Boxing Club in Spring Valley’s own Aaron Remy💯‼️🔥💫 From his upbringing, his love for boxing 🥊, how he changed his life dramatically from a troubled kid who was in gangs, doping drugs, infidelity with women, getting into fights, etc. To a man who gave his life to God and completely turned his life around from meeting his fiancée Kelsey, to starting up the 3G Boxing Club that he does full time as his own business etc. If you love Boxing, Entrepreneurship, Sports, Podcasts, Or How Someone completely changed their LIFE AROUND this one is FOR YOU‼️💯 I had hella fun on this one on my mini road trip in one of my favorite interviews I’ve ever done 💫 --- Send in a voice message:

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