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Design Story

Jeni Herberger and Adam Fry-Pierce

Design is more than a plan, a process, or a pretty picture. It’s a way of thinking and disrupting the status quo. Hear stories from the boldest influencers about design, and how it shapes the world around us. Design Story is a weekly podcast, airing on Thursdays. Hosted by Jeni Herberger. Produced by Adam Fry-Pierce.

4 episodi

  • Design Story podcast

    027: Mauro Porcini: Design with love and passion


    Jeni speaks with Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer at Pepsico, about how to lead design teams, and the secret to building a timeless brand.
  • Design Story podcast

    026: Michael Fanuele (Extended): True leadership inspires


    We revisit an impactful dialog between Jeni and Michael Fanuele. Michael is a design leader and titan of advertising. This episode is an extended version and includes extra material. Enjoy!
  • Design Story podcast

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  • Design Story podcast

    025: Moira Cullen: Design is Soft Power


    Soft is the new strong. The persuasive potency of attraction and influence are key to winning hearts and minds (clients, colleagues and consumers). Listen to Jeni as she speaks with Moira Cullen, VP Global Design, who shares her provocative approach to design as ‘soft power’ inspired by her experience as a design executive for multiple Fortune 500 companies, including PepsiCo, The Hershey Company, The Coca-Cola Company and Hallmark. ____ Join Jeni at her upcoming meeting of the design minds at xCHANGE in NYC:
  • Design Story podcast

    024: Scott Wadler: Leading Iconic Design


    What does it take to lead design at an legendary brand, such as MTV? This week, Jeni speaks with Scott Wadler, who has provided creative leadership to some of the most iconic brands in the world including MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon.

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