Duxpod — For Web Designers podcast

Duxpod — For Web Designers


This is Duxpod, a design podcast, hosted by Humphrey Pietersen, an unconventional yet, clean & good design enthusiast and practitioner, offering an insider perspective from a first hand experience, and sharing his progress. Also offers commentary on design as its got do with UX, UI, Research or Engineering for the web and mobile. Make a date with Humphrey, and as well a host of other practitioners, joining him for discussions on Duxpod, airing bi-weekly, Fridays 7pm, with a repeat on Mondays 9am PST. Need a Free Live Design Review? Follow Duxpod on Twitter via: Duxpod @Duxpod Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/duxpod/support

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