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On, host Alison Lee takes you through the world of Crafting, from interviews, product reviews, and do it yourself tutorials. is the only podcast where you can listen, learn, and create!

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  • CRAFTCAST podcast
  • CRAFTCAST podcast

    Talking with Robin Kramer from Flourish & Thrive Academy


    Today I talk with Robin Kramer from Flourish & Thrive Academy, where jewelry designers go to get business savvy. You'll love hearing the insights Robin shares about the ins and outs of having a successful jewlery design business. Plus what’s new in the CRAFTCAST studio, some techie stuff and my favorite new book. For today’s bonus question, I ask Ms. Kramer the most important thing you can do before showing your jewelry to a buyer.  You’re not going to believe her answer!
  • CRAFTCAST podcast

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  • CRAFTCAST podcast

    Talking with publisher, Sage Bray


    Today I talk with artist, writer and publisher of The Polymer Arts, Sage Bray. You'll love hearing what inspires her to create and her passion for all things polymer. Plus some updates on how 2016 is unfolding in the CRAFTCAST studio and some other crafty goodies I think you'll love. For today’s bonus question I ask Ms. Bray for her best advice on how to get your work or an article published in a magazine. You can listen to the bonus here on the CRAFTCAST APP.  You’re not going to believe her answer. :)  
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    Talking with Erich Bergen, Actor and Perfomer


    Today I talk to actor Erich Bergen. You can see him on CBS’s Madam Secretary and the movie Jersey Boys. Oh so fun! Plus, all kinds of news. And guess who got married??? Today’s bonus question I ask Mr. Bergen for his best advice on how to enter the professional world of acting and entertainment. You can listen to the bonus question by getting the CRAFTCAST APP  You’re not going to believe his answer.    
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    Talking with Marney Makridakis, author and coach


    Today I talk with, Marney K. Makridakis, the author of Hop, Skip, Jump and founder of the online community You will love hearing her ideas on how to add more play into your life.  Also, some apps and software I love and a song from the talented Beth Hirch. Topics covered: paper by 53, evernote, creative play  Get all the links under the podcast sections at:
  • CRAFTCAST podcast

    Talking with Jonathan Tilley, speaker and creative coach


    Today I talk to author and Ted Talk speaker Jonathan Tilley about how make the career switch to freelance. Jonathan gives great advice on how to make a successful transition from 9-5. Also class news updates and reviews of some great new craft products. Get all the links at:  
  • CRAFTCAST podcast

    Talking with attorney, Denise Gosnell


    Back from summer vacation and starting off the fall talking with attorney, Denise Gosnell. Plus lots of new LIVE ONLINE classes and exciting news here at!Get all the info and links at:   
  • CRAFTCAST podcast

    Talking with Carol Allen, Astrologer and Relationship Coach


    Today’s guest is Carol Allen, a Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach. Such a fun talk and I learned, among other things, all about “highly sensitive people”. I bet a lot of you will relate! Also, some great craft books to share and an app that’s a must have. For all of today's links go to 
  • CRAFTCAST podcast

    Talking with Bruce Metcalf, artist, teacher and author


    Today I talk with Bruce Metcalf. We dive into some pretty touchy subjects. You’ll want to hear Bruce’s opinion on the state of craft in todays market. Also, I have some books, tools and apps I’ve discovered that I think you will enjoy!  Check out all the links at
  • CRAFTCAST podcast

    Don't Quit Your DayDream PLEASE!


    Yes, you read right. DAY DREAMS are messages right from the heart. We all have them. They’re the ideas and pursuits we should be doing but have let other stuff get in the way. I know the stuff that gets in the way. Things like not enough MONEY or not enough TIME or what if it doesn’t WORK or I don’t know HOW. UGH Just taking that first step can be so confusing and scary that it stops us right there. But We keep thinking about those dreams and saying “ Someday" I’ve been there. I started 10 years ago as a simple little podcast. I had NO idea about computers or the internet, but I knew I wanted to connect with other artists and it seemed possible using computer tools. So here’s a way you can start taking action right now, and bring that DAY DREAM to reality. Click HERE

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