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My Ex Uploaded Footage of Me on Pornhub Without My Consent

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This episode discusses explicit sexual behaviors and abuse that may be triggering to some. Listener discretion is advised.

Victoria started online dating after her divorce. That's where she first met Brandon. In the beginning, Brandon was saying and doing all the right things to make Victoria believe this was a man that respected and loved her. Years into their relationship, however, Victoria discovered that footage that Brandon took of her without her knowledge and consent had been uploaded onto Pornhub. Even after the arduous journey to get the footage removed from Pornhub, those videos continue to pop up all over the internet.

Victoria talks with Fight the New Drug about her experience fighting Pornhub to get her nonconsensual videos removed, the trauma that followed after her image-based abuse, and what she's doing now to advocate for herself and other victims who have found themselves in similar situations.

Disclaimer: Fight the New Drug is a non-religious and non-legislative awareness and education organization. Some of the issues discussed in the episode are legislatively-affiliated. Though our organization is non-legislative, we fully support the regulation of already illegal forms of pornography and sexual exploitation, including the fight against sex trafficking.

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