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The One Stock Bucking the Market’s Down Trend and Where One Crypto Expert Says Bitcoin is Heading Next

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Markets ended Q3 on a down note, with the S&P dropping a percent and closing out its worst quarter since Q1 2020. But one big tech stock was able to manage sizable gains today. We dive into what’s helping Netflix break out to new highs. Plus one expert says bitcoin prices could more than double over the next three months. What she says is going to drive the crypto higher.

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  • CNBC's "Fast Money" podcast

    A Reckoning for Facebook, and Where Bitcoin Is Heading Next


    Facebook shares just clocked in their fifth straight week of losses, down 14% since that damning WSJ article on Instagram. So have we finally seen the straw that broke the company’s back? Plus, bitcoin rising above $60K for the first time since April. The Chart Master lays out where the crypto is going from here.
  • CNBC's "Fast Money" podcast

    High Growth Stocks Lead the Markets and Former FDIC Chair’s Big Warning


    The S&P posted its best day since March and the Dow ended a 4-day losing streak. But the big winners today -- high growth like semis, biotech and the Ark Innovation fund. What’s behind the gains and how should you trade the names? Plus Sheila Bair was front and center for the last financial crisis and she’s seeing signs that another one could be on the horizon. She tells us what’s keeping her up at night.
  • CNBC's "Fast Money" podcast

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  • CNBC's "Fast Money" podcast

    A Season of Excuses and a Major Divergence in the Semi Space


    Rising fuel costs, labor shortages, supply chain issues -- there are plenty of reasons companies are cutting guidance for the fourth quarter. But with markets near all-time highs, are investors sufficiently pricing in the risks? Plus reports Apple is cutting iPhone production sending its chip suppliers lower today. But it wasn’t all bad news in the semi space. How we’re trading the names.
  • CNBC's "Fast Money" podcast

    A Major Warning From Apple and Gearing Up for Big Bank Earnings


    Apple shares dropping after hours after reports the company is getting ready to slash iPhone production due to the chip shortage. What it means for the iPhone maker and the chip stocks. Plus JPMorgan set to kick off Q3 earnings season tomorrow morning. How you should trade the big banks around these reports.
  • CNBC's "Fast Money" podcast

    Energy Trade Runs Out of Gas, and Is Bitcoin “Worthless”?


    The XLE Energy ETF hit its highest level in nearly seven years early in the session, but ended up closing the day down. So is this a sign that the oil trade has run out of steam? Plus JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon calling bitcoin “worthless,” but that’s not enough to keep him from offering it to clients. What it means for the crypto boom.
  • CNBC's "Fast Money" podcast

    Trading the Energy Rally and Setting Up for Q3 Earnings Kickoff


    Oil prices crossing the $80 mark for the first time since 2014 and energy stocks rallied on the heels of the move. But should you be buying in on the rally, or is the trade running out of steam? Plus Q3 earnings season kicks off next week with big banks and airlines. How you should be trading the names on those reports.
  • CNBC's "Fast Money" podcast

    Markets Rally as Congress Reaches a Debt Deal, and BABA Posts 5th Best Day Ever Description:


    The S&P posted its third straight day of gains and closed at its highest level of the month after Congress reached a deal on the debt ceiling. But with rates rising as well, where are markets going from here? Meanwhile, Alibaba jumped more than 8% for its best day since April and its fifth best day on record. We break down the big bet that drove the rally.
  • CNBC's "Fast Money" podcast

    Breaking Down GM’s Big Analyst Day


    GM setting long term goals to more than double annual revenue by 2030 and expand margins to as much as 14% as it focuses on a digital push and ramping up electric vehicle production. We dive into the company’s strategy and bring you the trade on the entire auto sector.
  • CNBC's "Fast Money" podcast

    The Squid Game Effect: What’s Really Driving Netflix’s Record Rally?


    Netflix app downloads are surging as a new South Korean show brings in a new audience and sends the stock to all-time highs. Plus, Microsoft is the only mega cap tech stock that hasn’t seen a 10% correction in its shares. What it’s resilience says about how you should trade the space.
  • CNBC's "Fast Money" podcast

    Big Tech Gets Wrecked and the Future of Facebook as an ESG Play


    Markets plunged to start the week with the five biggest stocks in the U.S. losing a combined $236 billion in market cap today alone. So is there more pain to come, or is this an opportunity to do some bargain hunting? Plus, a damning whistleblower report and widespread outages send Facebook to its worst day in almost a year, but the stock remains a favorite in the ESG space. We break down why.

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