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To Win At Life Build Your Boldness Capacity

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I thought a lot about how we can build our capacity to take action towards what WE want.

That can seem scary because we fear what other people will think, and we think we are RISKING a lot.

After all, if what we want is different than our peers, doesn't that make us an outsider? Weird? A loner?

We've all heard the expression “no risk no reward.”

But if you’re not learning to take risk, you’re missing out on much more:

No risk no confidence.

No risk no growth.

No risk no learning.

No risk no momentum.

No risk no change.

No risk no freedom.

No risk no happiness.

Somehow our society has stripped away our ability to do bold things.

Helicopter parents






They’re all well meaning, but conditioned by their own programming. Still reliant on their evolutionary brain: avoid danger at all cost.

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