Building Tomorrow: Conversations with Climate Solvers podcast

Episode 1: Grid Ready: Exploring Equitable Electrification

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Last year Urban Green published a major research report, Grid Ready, which found that converting building heating and hot water systems from fossil fuels to electric heat pumps does not pose any near-term risk to New York City’s electric grid.

Our research and policy team recently expanded this analysis to explore how increasing power demand from building electrification impacts the grid in environmental justice communities. This new analysis, Exploring Equitable Electrification, found that the 15 NYC grid areas that may see the fastest electrification of heat and hot water systems and the earliest grid constraints are primarily Environmental Justice Areas. Therefore, it’s essential that building electrification policies and programs are designed to ensure an equitable transition—one that secures the benefits and mitigates potential challenges of building electrification.

Join Urban Green’s research and policy team as they unpack the dynamics behind this new research!

Host / Guests:

Christopher Halfnight, Senior Director, Research and Policy, Urban Green Council

Adam Schiabor, Manager, Research, Urban Green Council

Danielle Manley, Manager, Policy, Urban Green Council


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