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S4 E3: France 2002 - Raikkonen's near miss, Schumacher makes history

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The 2002 French Grand Prix will forever be remembered as the day Michael Schumacher made history by equalling the great Juan Manuel Fangio's then-record of five Formula 1 world championships. But it so nearly went down in F1 folklore as the scene of Kimi Raikkonen's maiden victory.

Gary Anderson and Mark Hughes join Glenn Freeman to recall their memories from being at Magny-Cours that weekend. As well as hearing Gary's first-hand insight from a dramatic weekend for Jordan - which included almost bringing back Heinz-Harald Frentzen as a last-minute stand-in one year on from him being fired by the team - we look back on the beginning of the end for Arrows, why Ferrari was so dominant in 2002, what made Williams so fast on Saturdays and so underwhelming on Sundays, how Jenson Button lost his Renault drive and ended up at BAR for 2003, and the controversy surrounding Schumacher's pass for the win as Raikkonen slid wide on oil - which almost resulted in a McLaren protest after the race.

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  • Bring Back V10s - Classic F1 stories podcast

    The Race F1 Podcast pays tribute to Frank Williams


    To mark the death of legendary F1 team boss Sir Frank Williams, we've added our tribute episode from The Race F1 Podcast to our Bring Back V10s feed. Veteran F1 journalist David Tremayne joins Edd Straw and Glenn Freeman to reflect on Frank's life, and the mark he made in the sport. The fifth series of Bring Back V10s will launch in early-January - see you then!
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    S4 E12: Your questions answered - part two


    Series four of Bring Back V10s ends with us taking more questions from our audience. Edd Straw and Matt Beer join Glenn Freeman to tackle topics including what would have happened if Juan Pablo Montoya and Jacques Villeneuve were team-mates at Williams, which Hockenheim layout was best, how Michael Andretti would have got on at Ferrari rather than McLaren, the prospect of Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher as team-mates, the 107% rule, how good Luca Badoer really was, McLaren vs Williams in 1991, plus the best and worst seasons of the V10 era and much much more.
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  • Bring Back V10s - Classic F1 stories podcast

    S4 E11: Your questions answered - part one


    Gary Anderson and Mark Hughes join Glenn Freeman for the first of our two-part Bring Back V10s series finale, where we’re taking questions submitted by our audience. Topics for this episode include: Mika Hakkinen vs Michael Schumacher, the loophole Williams and Jordan exploited in the 1996 head protection regulations, grooved tyres, why V10s took over in F1, Ferrari’s brief disqualification from the 1999 Malaysian Grand Prix, Flavio Briatore’s impact on F1, and why Mark doesn’t rank Alain Prost as one of his top F1 drivers of all time.
  • Bring Back V10s - Classic F1 stories podcast

    S4 E10: BAR's dreadful debut season in 1999


    British American Racing arrived in F1 talking of fighting for wins and championships... then it finished bottom of the standings with no points in its first season. So how did a team with a huge budget, a star driver and a famous technical partner get it so wrong?Edd Straw and Sam Smith join host Glenn Freeman to look back on the entire story of BAR's miserable first season, starting with the team's controversial attempt to race with two separate liveries for its cars, which resulted in an immediate falling out with the FIA. With insight from technical guru Adrian Reynard, we delve into why the car was so unreliable, the politics behind the scenes that threatened to tear the team apart, why its massive budget still wasn't big enough, landing Honda engines for 2000, how its mechanics earned respect after both cars were destroyed in qualifying at Spa, more internal politics, how boss Craig Pollock tried to incentivise team members to help the team score just a single point, and the fallout that occurred in the boardroom when that mission failed.
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    S4 E9: Multi 21 - Malaysian GP 2013


    Bring Back V10s takes a detour into the V8 era to look back at the 'Multi 21' controversy between Red Bull team-mates Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber at the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix.Edd Straw and Karun Chandhok join host Glenn Freeman to revisit the last big falling out between Vettel and Webber, and analyse how all the key parties involved handled it. Beyond the Red Bull controversy, we also look at all the other stories from F1 in early 2013, from Kimi Raikkonen's brief championship lead with Lotus, to Pirelli's fragile tyres, the start of McLaren's downturn with its disappointing new car, Williams's struggles, Lewis Hamilton's start to life at Mercedes, plus rumours that he wanted to sign for Red Bull in 2013.We also look back at the other team orders situation that developed late in the race and was overshadowed by events at Red Bull, with Mercedes chief Ross Brawn issuing strict orders to Nico Rosberg to stay behind Hamilton, which the German reluctantly agreed to.ASK US ANYTHING: Submit your questions about anything to do with F1 from 1989-2005 using #BringBackV10s on Twitter, or email [email protected]
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    S4 E8: The ridiculous story of Andrea Moda


    Special guest Perry McCarthy joins host Glenn Freeman and Edd Straw to recall what it was like being part of the shambolic Andrea Moda F1 team that appeared in 1992. We revisit how the team ended up joining F1, why it was thrown out of the first race it turned up to, having to change cars for just its second race, failing to get to that event in time to take part, sacking its first two drivers, signing McCarthy and Roberto Moreno as its new line-up, how Moreno miraculously qualified for the Monaco Grand Prix, why Andrea Moda then missed the following two races, how it got in more trouble with the authorities as the season wore on, before its tale came to an abrupt end when team owner Andrea Sassetti was arrested in the paddock in Belgium and the team was banned from F1 a week later.McCarthy gives his account of several haphazard moments from his time with the team, including losing his licence seven hours after he'd been given it, how Bernie Ecclestone helped him get it back, arriving for his first pre-qualifying session after a mad dash out of the centre of Barcelona, nearly being set on fire, then breaking down as soon as he crossed the pit exit line, barely running at most GP weekends as the team focused on Moreno, the team failing to tell him it hadn't made it to the French Grand Prix, being made to run used wets on a dry track at his home race, having to be held back from attacking Sassetti after the team sent him out too late to complete a lap in Hungary, how that cost him an opportunity with Footwork-Arrows, nearly crashing into Nigel Mansell at Spa, and a terrifying experience when he realised there was something wrong with his car as he got to Eau Rouge - which it turned out the team knew about in advance...ASK US ANYTHING: Submit your questions for our series finale, where you can ask us anything about F1 from 1989-2005. Use #BringBackV10s on Twitter, email [email protected], or submit a question in a five-star podcast review if you think we deserve it!
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    S4 E7: Brazil 2003 - The crazy F1 race with the wrong winner


    The 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix will forever be remembered as a race of chaos where the wrong driver was declared the winner straight after the race.Mark Hughes and Gary Anderson join host Glenn Freeman to revisit their memories of being at Interlagos that day, including Gary's first-hand account of how Jordan pulled off its shock victory with Giancarlo Fisichella in one of the slowest cars on the grid. We also look at Ferrari's rocky start to 2003, how McLaren was leading the championship with an updated 2002 car, why Williams hadn't hit the ground running yet, the debate around F1's sweeping rule changes for the new season including one-shot qualifying, the FIA getting tough with implementing the HANS device, Jordan's 200th race, why Michael Schumacher was a fan of driver aids, how Gary upset Ross Brawn with a suggestion made to Charlie Whiting before the delayed start to the race, the difference between Michelin and Bridgestone's intermediate tyres, why no teams had full wets for the awful conditions, what caused the car park of crashed cars at Turn 3, where Jordan's clever strategy might have put Fisichella without the huge accidents that ended the race early, and why there was so much confusion over which driver had won the race - which didn't become official until five days later! ASK US ANYTHING: Get your questions in about F1 from 1989-2005 for our series finale using #BringBackV10s on Twitter or email [email protected]
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    S4 E6: Mansell's 1994 Williams comeback


    Nigel Mansell made a shock return to Formula 1 with Williams in 1994, appearing at four races following the death of Ayrton Senna.Ex-F1 driver Karun Chandhok and Edd Straw join host Glenn Freeman to look back on everything that happened on and off-track around Mansell's cameo, from the challenge presented by Mansell's Newman/Haas Indycar contract, Bernie Ecclestone's involvement, the role of Renault and title sponsor Rothmans in Mansell coming back, how his return was viewed inside the team, what lead driver and title contender Damon Hill thought of it, tension between Mansell and David Coulthard as they battled over a seat for 1995, and why Williams eventually chose to stick with Coulthard, despite having an option in its contract to retain Mansell full-time. ASK US ANYTHING: Send us your questions about F1 from 1989-2005 for our series finale, using #BringBackV10s on Twitter, or email [email protected]
  • Bring Back V10s - Classic F1 stories podcast

    S4 E5: Monaco 2004 - Trulli's only win and chaos behind him


    Jarno Trulli's only F1 win was utterly convincing, as he claimed the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix from pole position. But this was an eventful few days on and off track for F1, as Mark Hughes and Scott Mitchell discuss with host Glenn Freeman.As well as Trulli's heroics, we look back on Takuma Sato's engine blowing up in front of the whole field, a war of words between Fernando Alonso and Ralf Schumacher, plus the controversial collision between Michael Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya... in the tunnel... behind the safety car! Off track there were plenty of stories in the news, including rumours of Williams discussing a 2005 seat with out-of-work Jacques Villeneuve, another war of words for Ralf Schumacher - this time with Patrick Head from his own team, the latest on McLaren's much-needed B-spec to its horrible 2004 car, why Toyota offended David Coulthard, plus a huge amount of discussion about F1's future rules packages and the unpopular tweak made to the one-shot qualifying format for 2004. Plus the small matter of Jaguar supposedly losing a $300,000 diamond from one of its cars in a crash.ASK US ANYTHING: Submit your questions about anything to do with F1 from 1989-2005 for our series finale, using #BringBackV10s on Twitter, or email [email protected]
  • Bring Back V10s - Classic F1 stories podcast

    S4 E4: Imola 1989 - Senna Prost war begins + Berger's fireball escape


    The 1989 San Marino Grand Prix at Imola was the setting for the first proper eruption of the war between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. But the circumstances that led to the McLaren team-mates no longer speaking to each other only came about on that day because of a restart after Gerhard Berger's horrifying fireball accident that the Austrian was lucky to survive.Edd Straw and Sam Smith join Glenn Freeman to discuss all the major talking points in F1 from just the second race of the V10 era, including McLaren's eight-day test in reaction to failing to win the first race of the year, why some teams were still running old cars, the shock failure to qualify of Michele Alboreto in the only new Tyrrell at the race, Birmingham's plans to host a grand prix, Johnny Herbert's wake-up call that made him realise an F1 career wasn't going to be straightforward, rumours of Yamaha exploring F1 for Toyota, plus an in-depth look at Berger's crash and the fallout from the Senna vs Prost rivalry kicking into overdrive.ASK US ANYTHING: Get your questions in about anything to do with F1 from 1989-2005 for our series finale, either by using #BringBackV10s on Twitter or contacting [email protected]

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