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Healing Adrenaline Dominance l A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness with Root Cause Medicine

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A lot of people struggle with hormonal imbalance or adrenal fatigue... that's where Dr. Michael Platt comes in. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine, the President of Platt Wellness Center, and one of the most well known specialists in natural hormone replacement - successfully treating thousands of patients all over the world!

Known internationally as an expert in bio-identical hormones, he is the author of "The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones", "Adrenaline Dominance" and "The Platt Protocol for Hormone Balancing".

Dr. Platt shares how excess adrenaline creates health problems, what signs and symptoms we should be looking for, and his easy tips to resolve chronic health issues.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

5:01 Dr. Michael Platt’s bio

5:22 Welcome him to the podcast!

6:08 What is adrenaline dominance?

8:40 Nutrition as the missing piece of the puzzle

10:29 Nutrition basics to optimize adrenaline health

11:40 Correlation between ADHD & Adrenaline

12:54 The #1 cause of common disorders/diseases

14:29 How do we know if we have Adrenaline Dominance?

15:05 Lab testing for AD

16:39 The #1 cause of weight gain

17:23 Why he doesn’t directly test Epinephrine

19:00 Can we use ketones to support the brain?

20:45 Addressing Hyperglycemia / Low Adrenaline

21:47 Responding to Environmental Toxins

22:24 *Kion Ad*

23:31 Causes of Fibromyalgia 

26:08 Treating Adrenaline Dominance

27:45 Why Progesterone is so important

31:42 Renee & Lauren’s experience with Progesterone

33:47 Should we follow the menstrual cycle?

34:44 Addressing thyroid function

37:07 Should we look at other foundational issues first?

39:15 The top 3 things we should focus on for health

40:57 Urinary Incontinence

43:56 Neck tension, tinnitus & headaches

45:30 His opinion on fasting

46:00 Creativity & Weight gain

49:40 His opinion on breath work

52:10 Using progesterone for dogs

53:03 His final piece of advice

53:41 Where you can find him

54:05 Thanks for tuning in!

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  • Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro podcast

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  • Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro podcast

    Is Weightlifting a Waste of Time? l A Deep Dive on Variable Resistance Training and Reframing Your Strength Workout


    John Jaquish, PhD., has spent years researching and developing improved approaches to health. He is the inventor of the most effective bone density building medical technology, which is now partnered with Tony Robbins and OsteoStrong for rapid clinic deployment. He is the inventor of X3, a technology that is proven to develop muscle much faster than conventional weight lifting, all with the lowest risk of joint injury. Dr. Jaquish’s methods are used in training the world’s most elite athletes and associations, such as the entire Miami Heat organization, various NFL and NBA players, as well as Olympians. His book, “Why Weightlifting Is A Waste of Time” explains his non-conventional approach to human physiology and is a Wall Street Journal bestseller. In this episode, Dr. Jaquish busts many of the myths within the fitness industry, such as why resistance bands alone are worthless, why weightlifting is a waste of time, how chronic cardio can increase body fat and the theory behind the anabolic feeding window.SHOW NOTES:0:50 Welcome to the show!5:40 Dr. John Jaquish’s Bio6:32 Welcome Dr. Jaquish!7:25 Why weightlifting is a waste of time9:20 The development of Osteostrong10:10 The need for creativity & problem-solving14:22 Why bands alone are worthless15:47 Why you need full range of motion17:54 “Strength training is all you need”20:12 How long does it take to see a change?22:57 The chronic cardio & cortisol connection26:57 If you HAVE to do cardio…28:50 How interval training is different30:00 Why the fitness industry is backwards33:48 Testosterone & Growth Hormone35:07 *BiOptimizers Ad*33:38 Low-carb diets, fructose & diabetes41:17 Anabolic-window myth42:32 His latest fasting routine44:48 Muscle damage, fatigue & protein synthesis46:01 How many sets do you need to do?50:32 Why he targets busy professionals51:38 His recommendations for longevity & mobility55:25 Renee’s experience with X356:42 His final piece of advice58:15 Thanks for tuning in! X3 Bar - @DrJaquishFB: Dr. John Jaquish BiOptimizers – Save 10% with code BIOHACKERBABESSupport this podcast at —
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    Healing Adrenaline Dominance l A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness with Root Cause Medicine


    A lot of people struggle with hormonal imbalance or adrenal fatigue... that's where Dr. Michael Platt comes in. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine, the President of Platt Wellness Center, and one of the most well known specialists in natural hormone replacement - successfully treating thousands of patients all over the world!Known internationally as an expert in bio-identical hormones, he is the author of "The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones", "Adrenaline Dominance" and "The Platt Protocol for Hormone Balancing".Dr. Platt shares how excess adrenaline creates health problems, what signs and symptoms we should be looking for, and his easy tips to resolve chronic health issues.SHOW NOTES:0:51 Welcome to the show!5:01 Dr. Michael Platt’s bio5:22 Welcome him to the podcast!6:08 What is adrenaline dominance?8:40 Nutrition as the missing piece of the puzzle10:29 Nutrition basics to optimize adrenaline health11:40 Correlation between ADHD & Adrenaline12:54 The #1 cause of common disorders/diseases14:29 How do we know if we have Adrenaline Dominance?15:05 Lab testing for AD16:39 The #1 cause of weight gain17:23 Why he doesn’t directly test Epinephrine19:00 Can we use ketones to support the brain?20:45 Addressing Hyperglycemia / Low Adrenaline21:47 Responding to Environmental Toxins22:24 *Kion Ad*23:31 Causes of Fibromyalgia 26:08 Treating Adrenaline Dominance27:45 Why Progesterone is so important31:42 Renee & Lauren’s experience with Progesterone33:47 Should we follow the menstrual cycle?34:44 Addressing thyroid function37:07 Should we look at other foundational issues first?39:15 The top 3 things we should focus on for health40:57 Urinary Incontinence43:56 Neck tension, tinnitus & headaches45:30 His opinion on fasting46:00 Creativity & Weight gain49:40 His opinion on breath work52:10 Using progesterone for dogs53:03 His final piece of advice53:41 Where you can find him54:05 Thanks for tuning in! - Discount code: - Discount code: BioBabes15Support this podcast at —
  • Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro podcast

    Spermidine for a Longer, Healthier Life l How one Holistic Molecule Can Support Longevity, Fertility, Autophagy and so much more!


    We welcome Leslie Kenny, founder of Oxford Healthspan to the show this week. Leslie was told by her doctors that her lupus diagnosis had a life expectancy of five years and that RA could only be managed, not cured. She set out to optimize her health as best she could with safe, natural solutions. Today, at age 56, Leslie is living proof that we can get better with age, so long as we take responsibility for our health and meet our doctors halfway. Spermidine is part of her anti-aging arsenal, and she hopes it will become part of yours too.SHOW NOTES: 0:51 Welcome to the show!3:19 Leslie Kenny’s Bio4:55 Welcome Leslie!6:12 Her health journey to overcome Lupus & RA10:49 Her return to the doctor’s office12:45 Her introduction to Regenerative Medicine13:10 How she discovered Spermidine16:55 Her version of an Elimination Diet19:15 Learning to manage stress & recover20:19 Daily movement & supporting circulation22:06 Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy21:53 Stress & Chronic “Inflammaging”22:40 The Spermidine molecule23:10 Autophagy: your “self-cleaning oven”25:12 A “holistic molecule” in the body26:05 Renee’s education on fertility & spermidine27:02 Research on spermidine & fertility29:45 How was spermidine discovered?31:09 It’s role in protecting DNA31:48 Spermidine in breastmilk34:33 *Self Decode*36:02 Spermidine-rich foods37:38 The concern with wheat germ & PUFAs39:27 Sleep, circadian rhythm & jet lag40:04 STUDY: Spermidine & Circadian Rhythm43:34 How it impacts the GI tract44:35 Who should take it?46:56 Cognition, Dementia & Alzheimer’s48:23 What about wheat & gluten?50:43 Recommended dose for Primeadine53:15 Concern with SIBO patients53:50 How do we know if it’s working?55:29 Impact on deep sleep scores56:30 Any biomarkers we can test?58:33 Her final piece of advice59:58 Thanks for tuning in! RESOURCES:Website: Primeadine / Oxford Health SpanIG: @primeadineIG: @lesliesnewprime Code: BIOHACKERBABES Decode: code: BIOHACKERBABES Support this podcast at —
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    Root Cause(s) with Functional Lab Testing l Investigating Underlying Stressors and Supporting the Foundations of Health


    We're talking all about root causes today! And yes, there are typically multiple root causes underlying any health condition. We breakdown the differences between functional and conventional medicine, why the "band-aid" approach doesn't work long-term, questions to ask your Doctor, and our top lab tests to uncover your hidden stressors.SHOW NOTES: 0:52 Welcome to the show!2:28 Why we’re talking about root causes4:03 The iceberg analogy 6:43 What is root cause?7:48 The Leaky Gut example9:26 Typical “band-aids” in conventional medicine11:06 Renee’s story about drug side-effects13:14 Looking for hidden stressors14:40 Questions to ask before starting a medication15:31 The difference between traditional & functional medicine17:52 Test, don’t guess!19:18 Basic blood work 21:47 *Dry Farm Wines*23:20 DUTCH Panel26:08 Gut testing29:48 Research on fecal transplants for obesity31:50 Organic Acid Test34:34 Micronutrient testing37:06 Importance of minerals39:15 Recap41:02 Thanks for tuning in! RESOURCES: Iceberg AnalogyDry Farm Wines  - first bottle for a penny!Podcast w/ Todd WhiteDUTCH TestPodcast w/ Dr. Carrie JonesGI-Map PanelPendulum Probiotic for Glucose ControlOrganic Acids (OAT) TestMicronutrient Spectracell LabsSupport this podcast at —
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    Regenerating Skin & Sexual Health l Exploring Regenerative Medicine Therapies with Dr Amy Killen


    Dr. Amy Killen is a leading anti-aging and regenerative physician, specializing in “Skin and Sex”. After working as a board-certified emergency physician for more than seven years, Dr. Killen saw the effects of unchecked, chronic disease on her patients and decided to transition into anti-aging and longevity medicine in hopes of offering her patients alternatives to the traditional aging paradigm. An international speaker, clinical practice owner, entrepreneur, author, and frequent media guest, Dr Killen has become an outspoken advocate for empowering people to look and feel their best by merging lifestyle modification, integrative medicine, bio-identical hormones, energy modalities and stem cell therapies.In this episode, Dr. Amy discusses the major causes of aging and provides a breakdown for using PRP, Stem Cells and Exosomes with Regenerative Medicine for skin and sexual health optimization. She also shares her top biohacks we can do at home to take care of our skin, improve our sex lives, and increase our longevity.SHOW NOTES: 0:51 Welcome to the show!3:10 Dr. Amy Killen’s Bio4:54 Welcome Dr. Amy!6:04 What causes aging?7:53 Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine10:25 PRP, Stem Cells & Exosomes12:55 Pros & Cons of exosomes15:05 Top tips for skincare at home17:45 Why retinol has a bad reputation19:16 Importance of a healthy diet for your skin19:56 Nitric oxide and blood flow20:53 *LightPath LED 24:10 How do we know if a treatment is working?26:08 Benefits of Dermarolling29:12 Additional regenerative treatments for skin31:13 Why is sexual health linked to longevity?34:17 Link between sex and pain reduction37:30 At-home support for sexual health39:52 Her concern with PPIs41:33 *SelfDecode 43:07 Gadgets women can use at home46:12 Common complaints amongst women46:58 Top at-home gadgets for men 51:28 Lioness vibrator52:40 How can we discuss this with our partners?54:33 Options for in-office treatment with Dr. Amy57:05 Her favorite treatments!58:40 Her final piece of advice 1:00:02 Thanks for tuning in! RESOURCES:Dr. Amy Killen's Contact Info:Website: @dramybkillenYoutube: Amy Killen MDLightPath LED - Save 5% with code BIOHACKERBABESSelfDecode - Save 10% with code BIOHACKERBABESGainswaveV-FitLionessSupport this podcast at —
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    Calming Nootropics for Optimal Brain Function l Dr. Scott Sherr with Troscriptions


    Dr. Scott Sherr is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician Certified to Practice Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) and a specialist in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). He is the cofounder of HOMe-SF, the first HOMe clinic in the United states and also acts as the Chief Operating Officer of HOMe–USA, a nonprofit that is creating an online HOMe education course for doctors and healthcare practitioners. Dr. Scott is also COO of Smarter Not Harder, the for profit arm of HOMe/HOPe. SNH is the company behind Troscriptions, a line of buccal troches that aims to address the bottlenecks many face along the path to optimal health.We had Dr. Scott on the podcast last summer to discuss Troscriptions' limitless nootropic, Blue Cannatine, along with the powerful benefits of supplementing with Methylene Blue. This week he's back to share the latest news with their new product, TroCalm. This novel formula contains Kava, CBG, CBD and GABA, in a buccal troche for optimal delivery. Whether you're looking to stay calm and focused during the day, relieve some anxiety, or boost your deep sleep, stay tuned for this exciting launch! SHOW NOTES: 0:51 Welcome to the show!3:18 Dr. Scott Sherr’s Bio4:51 Welcome Dr. Scott!6:51 What is a buccal troche?9:52 The cannabis edible industry11:33 Why it’s difficult to make troches14:34 Troscriptions & Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe)15:59 “Smarter Not Harder” brand16:50 Blue Cannatine for optimizing brain health17:04 Debunking myths about nicotine18:21 The benefits of Methylene Blue20:55 Just Blue formula21:44 Lauren’s use of Just Blue23:27 Combining light therapy + Methylene Blue25:33 Lauren’s elevated respiratory rate26:44 Oxygenation in the body32:25 Staying healthy in New York City34:05 The concern around being “too clean”36:19 Supporting the rise in anxiety38:26 NEW PRODUCT: TroCalm39:33 A key ingredient… Kava40:42 How to dose TroCalm42:36 Sourcing high-quality Kava43:08 Lauren’s experience in Hawaii45:47 CBG (Cannabigerol)47:25 CBD (Cannabidiol)48:38 GABA neurotransmitter49:20 What people are reporting with TroCalm52:02 No psychoactive components52:35 Checking your genetics for cannabis53:23 Balancing THC with CBD55:21 Building up tolerance to ingredients56:40 Feedback loops in the body57:16 Cycling off your supplements1:01:22 NEW “Bluetropics”1:02:37 Mitochondria, Oxygen, ATP & Energy1:06:18 Hormetic stressors for improving health1:09:16 Advice from Scott’s Dad1:10:22 His final piece of advice1:11:23 Thanks for tuning in!RESOURCES:Troscriptions - Save 10% with code BIOHACKERBABESYouTube: Electron Transport ChainEndoDNASupport this podcast at —
  • Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro podcast

    Fixing Digestion, Nutrient Absorption and Recovery with Wade Lightheart l How to Optimize our Diets and Gut Health with the Modern Food Supply


    Wade Lightheart is an author, athlete, Nutritionist and expert on fixing digestion! A 3-time Canadian National All Natural Bodybuilding Champion who competed as a vegetarian, former Mr. Universe competitor, and host of The Awesome Health podcast, Wade is one of the world's premier authorities on Natural Nutrition and Training Methods.He's been in the health industry for over 25 years, coached thousands of clients, and is sought out by athletes and high-performance oriented individuals worldwide for his advice on how to optimize their health and fitness levels. Wade also serves as an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, and is the Co-Founder and President at BiOptimizers, a digestive and health optimization company.Wade shares the truth behind the epidemic of digestive issues in the United States and simple at-home tests we can all do to help personalize our gut healing plan. He also dives into dietary tribalism and how we can have to figure out what works for each individual. This all supports, as he calls it, the "AWESOME health system!"SHOW NOTES:0:52 Welcome to the show!3:34 Wade Lightheart’s Bio4:38 Welcome, Wade!5:37 The epidemic of digestive issues6:45 What’s gone wrong with our food supply11:19 Our symbiotic relationship with bacteria12:30 Dietary tribalism & Food allergies14:40 His experience in bodybuilding16:08 Why he developed BiOptimizers17:30 Do we need to take digestive enzymes?20:12 The tradeoff with cooking our food22:00 STUDY: Dietary enzymes24:07 Should we be able to eat anything?30:43 A healthy argument about dietary choices31:56 Why he thinks biohacking has emerged33:37 The goal to become “Bulletproof”34:48 What Darwin really said about ‘Adaptation’37:05 The power of journaling & intuition40:26 Renee’s experience with journaling42:34 Wade’s mission statement44:22 Protein bioavailability & amino acids49:34 How to get more out of your diet52:08 How many enzymes should we take?53:20 At-home digestive tests56:30 Magnesium deficiencies1:03:10 Wade’s final piece of advice1:05:42 Thanks for tuning in! RESOURCES:IG: @BiOptimizersFB: BiOptimizersYouTube: – Save 10% with code: BiohackerBabes10Support this podcast at —
  • Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro podcast

    Q&A: Plant-Based Diets, Food Labels & Non-Alcoholic Spirits


    Today we're answering your questions! And some rapid fire questions to each other! We cover how you can eat healthy on a plant-based diet, what you need to know for reading food labels, and our favorite alcohol-free drink options. Also, stay tuned to hear Lauren's wish for a new biohacking device, Renee's favorite supplement right now and our top 5 favorite foods.SHOW NOTES: 0:51 Welcome to the show1:33 What’s in this episode!2:12 Q#1: How to eat healthy on a plant-based diet3:37 Knowing your why4:13 Resources for Regenerative Agriculture4:55 Rule #18:05 "Plant-based" products & Fake meats9:00 Article about Beyond Burger11:03 Fake food & Sustainability12:30 Lauren's experience at Bareburger14:02 Rule #215:09 Prioritizing protein15:43 Dr. Casey Means as inspiration16:59 Approved meal-deliveries17:23 Carb Cycling throughout the day & cycle18:48 Testing your blood glucose with fruit20:04 Dirty Dozen list20:49 Importance of regular bloodwork 21:25 Plant foods & heavy metals23:13 Q#2: How do we read food labels?23:37 Rule #124:28 Rule #225:35 "GRAS" label27:47 Stats about packaged foods29:19 Snacks on planes30:51 *Thrive Market*33:29 The Food Babe Resources34:19 Key takeaways for reading labels34:50 EWG Skin Deep Database36:27 Q#3: ThreeSpirit Drinks38:20 Seedlip Spirits40:28 Our questions for each other 40:54 Lauren’s wish for a new biohacking device42:10 Renee’s favorite supplement right now43:23 The upcoming Biohacking Conference45:10 Infrared Sauna & Data quantification46:20 Lauren's personal experience in 202149:12 Renee overcoming her fear of water50:50 Our Top 5 Foods52:30 Thanks for tuning in!RESOURCES: Sacred Cow Book Sacred Cow DocumentaryBB Podcast - Sustainable Fishing For a Healthier PlanetIG: Dr. Casey MeansDaily Harvest - Code: BIOHACKERBABES for $25 offArticle: How To Do A Carb RefeedDirty Dozen Shopper's GuideTusol Wellness Smoothies - Save 20% with code BIOHACKERBABESTruvani Protein PowderEWG.orgThrive Market - Save 30% on your first order!FoodBabe.comEWG Skin Deep DatabaseThreeSpirit DrinksSeedlip Non-Alcoholic SpiritsQuicksilver Scientific's Immune Charge+Support this podcast at —

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