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The Shroud and the Seeker: Dale Glover's Insights

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Prepare for an enlightening journey as we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Dale Glover, a Real Seeker on a quest for truth. Dale's relentless pursuit of understanding our purpose in creation led him through a decade of research into the myriad of positive and negative evidences surrounding various religions.

On May 5th, 2018, a pivotal moment arrived when Dale, guided by Bayes Theorem and a confidence to discover the truth of Christianity. On that very day, he repented of his sins and placed his unwavering faith in Christ.

As the former co-host of the Skeptics and Seekers podcast and now the driving force behind the Real Seekers podcast, Dale has fearlessly shared his faith and explored complex philosophical questions. His recent achievement of a Master's in Philosophy from Ryerson University attests to his deep intellectual prowess.

In this episode, we dive into Dale's multifaceted interests, ranging from the existence of God to the intriguing Evil God Challenge and, notably, the enigmatic Shroud of Turin. Join us for an engaging discussion that promises to shed new light on age-old mysteries and inspire your own quest for truth.

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