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How Can You Merge Modern Media with Ancient Mysteries? Answers and More with James Day

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Join us in an enlightening interview with James Day, a prolific writer and EWTN television producer, whose insights into the Shroud of Turin have captivated readers since 2013.

In this exclusive episode, James delves into his upcoming book set to release in late 2024, offering a fascinating glimpse into the medieval world when the Shroud first emerged in historical records. With a rich background in exploring the intricacies of the Shroud through numerous essays and four published books, James brings a unique perspective to understanding this revered artifact. We'll discuss the confluence of history, religion, and mystery surrounding the Shroud, and how James's work contributes to the ongoing dialogue.

Don't miss this deep dive into the past with James Day, as we explore the medieval context of the Shroud of Turin and what it reveals about our understanding of this enigmatic piece of history. So How Does James Day Merge Modern Media with Ancient Mysteries?

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