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Digital Artistry Meets Ancient Mysteries: Mark Rivera's Exploration Into the Shroud of Turin

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In our upcoming episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming Mark Rivera, a retired physicist with a penchant for unraveling mysteries. Currently residing in the tranquil landscapes of rural Hawaii, Mark's journey through the realms of optical physics, optimization, image processing, and art has been nothing short of fascinating.

Mark's inquisitive mind was piqued a decade ago when he chanced upon a History Channel program about the Turin Shroud. Intrigued by this ancient enigma, he embarked on a journey to unravel its secrets. Mark's unique approach involves a blend of image processing and digital art techniques, allowing him to delve deep into the Shroud's mysteries.

One of Mark's notable endeavors includes a paper detailing his latest attempts at reconstructing the face depicted on the Shroud. Join us as we explore his innovative and artistic pursuit to unmask the Shroud's secrets and gain fresh insights into this timeless relic.

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