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A Lifelong Quest: Joe Marino and the Shroud of Turin

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In this intriguing episode of The Backstory on the Shroud of Turin podcast, we are joined by a true Shroud enthusiast and expert, Joe Marino. With a Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies from St. Louis University, Joe's fascination with the Shroud began in 1977 when he stumbled upon a book on the subject.

Tune in to hear Joe's captivating story, from his first encounter with the Shroud of Turin, despite being raised as a Catholic, to his deep dive into research, writing, and extensive lecturing. Joe's dedication to unraveling the mysteries of the Shroud has spanned decades.

As a retired professional from The Ohio State University's library system, Joe brings a unique perspective to the Shroud's exploration. He is a valuable board member of the Shroud of Turin Research and Education Association and a Sign from God. Additionally, he actively participates in the Shroud Science Internet group.

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