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#168: Can I Live a Full Life With an Empty Nest? With Jill Savage

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There is just something about an empty nest. Sometimes you can’t decide whether you feel grief or delight. You’re caught between wanting to hold on to the past and letting go to grab your new freedom. Empty nesting can be a disorienting time, but it can also become the best season of your life, if you’ll let it.

Today author Jill Savage will guide you through this unpredictable season. She’ll teach you what you need to let go of and what you need to hold on to. You'll get practical tips that will give you confidence and clarity. An empty nest can be full of joy, so stick around and find out how. And, if you’re a mom whose nest is full, Jill will coach you up to make this transition easier when it comes!

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  • 4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild podcast

    #177: Can I Stop Chasing Happy and Pursue Purpose Instead? With Phil Waldrep


    The world wants you to believe a person, product, or lifestyle can bring you fulfillment. Even as a Christian, it's easy to fall for these empty promises and find yourself frustrated when they don't deliver.    So, how can you experience soul-deep peace that endures beyond the sugar rush of earthly distractions?    In this episode, bestselling author Phil Waldrep will help you find the meaning God wants for your life. As you examine the principles of Christlike joy, you'll understand the unique purpose God gave only to you.   Plus, he'll give you three habits you can start today that will brighten your outlook and uplift your spirit.    SHOW NOTES: 413Podcast.com/177
  • 4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild podcast

    #176: Can I Find Grit to Show Up When I Want to Shut Down? With Lisa Whittle


    Life is full of hard things. Loss, betrayal, hurt, disappointment, pain, and anger. In a world riddled by these things, and still reeling from a global pandemic, we may ask, how can life really be good?   When author Lisa Whittle lost her beloved dad, she found herself asking the same question, and eventually learning that there is good, even in the hard.   So, if you're fighting the temptation to shut down when life feels hard, Lisa will give you a reason to show up for what God is doing in your life. Today, you'll get a practical roadmap to navigate life when it's hard. And you'll discover God's purpose in the hard good.   SHOW NOTES: 413Podcast.com/176
  • 4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild podcast

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  • 4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild podcast

    BONUS: Can I Unhurry My Heart? With Jennifer Dukes Lee - Part 2


    On episode 175, we talked about growing slow. In this bonus episode, Jennifer Dukes Lee is jumping back on with three practical steps to help you unhurry your heart.    SHOW NOTES: 413Podcast.com/175
  • 4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild podcast

    #175: Can I Unhurry My Heart? With Jennifer Dukes Lee


    We long to make a break from the fast pace of life. But, if we're honest, we're afraid of what we'll miss if we do. Yet when going big and hustling hard leaves us stressed, empty, and out of sorts, perhaps this can be our cue to step into a far more satisfying, sustainable pace. Today, author Jennifer Dukes Lee will show you a path to unhurried living by teaching you the ancient art of growing slow.    SHOW NOTES: 413Podcast.com/175
  • 4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild podcast

    #174: Jennifer & KC Drop A Joy Bomb for Your New Year


    We’ve made it to a New Year! And we want this year to be 365 days of joy. So, KC and I are dropping a joy bomb into your heart today! Joy is a supernatural force that can fuel this coming year. So, we’ll talk about how to get it and how to protect it from joy thieves. And we will laugh a lot along the way. It's time to stop what you’re doing or let us do it with you because you need to get your joy on with me and KC! SHOW NOTES: 413Podcast.com/174
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    #173: A 4:13 Family Audio Christmas Card Featuring Music by Michael O'Brien


    We want you to just pause and let this audio Christmas card we put together last year bless you today. It includes our families wishing you Merry Christmas plus Michael O’Brien singing some beautiful carols and Christmas songs over you. We love you our 4:13 family and we wish you the merriest, most blessed Christmas! SHOW NOTES: 413Podcast.com/173
  • 4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild podcast

    #172: Can I Face Anything With Faith?


    This may be an odd spin on Christmas ... but I want to share a letter with you that was written December 19, 1944. It was written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. And it will inspire you to face anything this season or this new year with faith. Plus, I actually put the words of this inspiring letter of his to music, and I’ll sing it over you at the end of this episode! SHOW NOTES: 413Podcast.com/172
  • 4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild podcast

    #171: Can I Hope Anyway? With Leeana Tankersley


    After almost 14 years of marriage, Leeana Tankersley walked into a counseling appointment with her husband, prepared to fight for their marriage. Halfway through the appointment, she came to realize that no amount of logic or emotion could stop the inevitable. Overcome with numbness and disappointment, Leeana entered a new season that would reveal God’s antidote for her darkness: hope. Today, Leeana will share her story and show you how to move from despair into a rediscovery of hope. My friend, you can have a hard-won hope that is not dependent on "happy endings." SHOW NOTES: 413Podcast.com/171
  • 4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild podcast

    #170: Can I Set Boundaries for My Heart? With Dr. Alison Cook


    Do you control your feelings, or do your feelings control you? Lots of us let guilt, anger, or self-criticism be the boss of us. And it just messes up everything. You may say to yourself, “I need to get over it,” or “I’ve got to stop thinking that way.” But you probably know it rarely works and, in fact, it can make things worse. Well, today, you’re going to get some calm for that inner turmoil with our guest, author and Christian counselor Alison Cook, Ph.D. She’ll give you a practical and doable way to bring peace to your overwhelming emotions and teach you how to set boundaries for your soul. SHOW NOTES: 413Podcast.com/170
  • 4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild podcast

    #169: Can I Find Contentment Right Where I Am? With Alyssa Bethke


    We all face issues that try to rob us of our joy—anxiety, loneliness and discontentment just to name a few. Well, today, author and podcaster Alysa Bethke will help you recognize them for what they are: distractions.   You know, with all of its expectations and contradictions, this world can take a major toll on us. Be fit, but not too skinny .Work and hustle but stay home and be a good mom. Be wild and free,while tidy and pure. Be a good wife but be independent. It can be exhausting! Well, today you can unwind and just settle into what it means to be satisfied and find contentment right where you are.    SHOW NOTES: 413Podcast.com/169

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