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💺78: What Will You Do For YOU In 2022!💺

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Today I teach you how to create more for YOU in 2022.

This is important because this small shift takes about NO time and yet it helps bring ease and love to you.

When you have more love for you, you have more love to give everyone.


Ever say these things?!?!:

I hate that my husband never puts the kids to bed,

I hate that my kids always mess up the kitchen counter,

I hate that I always call my mom and she never calls me. If you are a human, like me, you probably have said these things.

This hate creates more hate, resentment, and irritation.

Our brain thinks the solve is to have the husband, kids, and mom change.


But the solution is so much simpler!

This week, try this instead!: Put the kids to bed and lets tell ourselves, "I love putting the kids to bed and I am doing this for ME," or don't put the kids to bed if you don't want to.

Clean the kitchen counter and lets tell ourselves, "I love a clean counter and I'm doing this for ME," or don't clean the counter if you don't want to.

How often can you say, "I am doing this for ME because I want this." How often can you find a way to do more in service of you (or skip doing it if you don't want to do it)?


Of course, we can certainly make requests for husband, kids, and mom to change.

BUT, if they don't (because often they won't), this show helps us take care of us!

**Click below to see how this small shift that can have a HUGE impact on YOU in the best possible ways.**


xoxo, Christina


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