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🗽75: Who Will You Be in 2023?🗽

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That was NOT a typo!

And this is NOT about New Year's Resolutions.

I actually don't do New Year's Resolutions.

Instead, I like to reflect on where I am, where I'm going, and what's next....whenever this reflection time feels right.

This episode will walk you through my usual process for my clients and myself.

To get started, first decide WHO you want to be in 2023 in as much detail as possible: what time will you be waking up, how will you be carrying yourself at work, what will you be thinking, where will you vacation, who will be around your holiday dinner table, etc?

The WHO always comes before the HOW.

Once you know the WHO, the HOW follows naturally.

Then, I'll give you a little gift given to me by Bev Aron as we all started Master Coach Training.

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

1. What do you have to give up to become him/her/them/zem/xem?

2. What would it feel like to give this up?

3. How has this thing served you?

4. How has this thing blocked you?


Click below to be apart of the Magic that is waiting for you in 2023!





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