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😊73: Feel Your Way to Your Next Best Decision😊

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Today we talk about how to make the next best decision.

If you are like most doctors, you will go to your brain to intellectualize the heck out of the decision, you will have about 5 dominant thought-voices run conflicting commentary, and you might end up in self-doubt and confusion.

Sound exhausting and familiar?!?!

Let's try something new!

This show will teach you how to FEEL your way to your next best decision.

Our brains are liar-liar-pants-on-fire; our brains CONSTANTLY lie to us.

Our bodies NEVER lie to us.

So, go to your body and FEEL your way to your next great decision.

For example, when you decide on option A, do you feel closed, restricted, tight? These are signs that your body does NOT want to go on that path. Or do you feel open, lighter, and excited? These are signs that your body feels aligned with that decision.

Choose in the direction of openness, lightness, and excitement. 

Click below to find out how to choose in the direction of you.






PS. Of course you can be coached on feeling OPEN to any decision, but let's just sit this week in listening to our bodies FIRST.


PPS. Want help on making your next great decision? If you are considering YPIF or UplevelMD coaching, book a free 50min consultation to see if we are a good fit and we can work on your next best decision:

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