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Dr. Christina Arnold

Welcome to Your Path in Focus podcast, where we talk about how to have FREEDOM while staying in Medicine by working LESS! I‘m your host, Dr. Christina Arnold. I am a full-time doctor, just like you. I used to think that I couldn‘t finally be free until I retired. I was not just burned out, I thought I was completely broken. Turns out I had it all wrong. I now teach woman physicians the secrets of achieving Freedom while staying in Medicine. We were never broken. We don‘t need to be fixed. We aren‘t the problem. We are always the solution. Find out how by checking out the podcast today. And who‘s got time to remember to listen to a podcast? Nobody! Save yourself time and join the email list today to have the episode delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing to

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  • Your Path in Focus, LLC podcast

    🍸Requests, Manuals, & Boundaries...Oh My!🍸


    How many relationships have fallen apart over messed-up boundaries? Countless. And it's not our fault. Society teaches us to make pretty terrible boundaries. No wonder many people are afraid to make boundaries because they are afraid of damaging relationships. If you know how to set up boundaries properly, though, a boundary can actually strengthen, protect, and help a relationship. In this podcast, you will learn the difference between a Request, a Manual, and a Boundary. Click below to know what they are,  how not to screw them up, and how to make your life EASIER. Find out what no one else knows. And then go out and change your world.   xoxo, Christina   PS. Want help setting up your specific boundary? If you are a faculty-level woman physician considering UplevelMD (my 3-month coaching program), request your free 50-minute session at this link ($500 value):
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    🫂How to Give Yourself COMFORT🫂


    This new tool has brought so much ease into my life this week. It will work for you too. Human brains are so darn brilliant and busy. If we don't give it a task, it will get busy finding danger and creating drama because that's what normal human brains are best at. SO! This week try assigning your brain the task of delivering you as much COMFORT as possible. Our brains mistakenly think that if other people change, then we would be comfortable, but that never works. We are the only person who can give us comfort and in the most amazing ways. Comfort feels like a warm sweater, hot coco, and a warm fire in the fire place while Netflix plays my favorite shows. Comfort is amazing! Use this trick for prepping for that next presentation, waiting for the lab results, going to mom's, and for EVERY moment in between.     xoxo, Christina   PS. Of course part of creating comfort is knowing how to ask for what you want from your partner, your mother in law, and your boss. If you are a living human, you have GOT to check out this free training on how to get more out of life by working less.  This link will send you a free training on how to make your asks IRRESISTIBLE so the other person is excited to help you, teaches you how not to be nervous and weird, and teaches you how to set up the conversation as win-win-win. We are always either advocating for our dreams OR settling for less. Get the free digital swag bag by clicking!  
  • Your Path in Focus, LLC podcast

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  • Your Path in Focus, LLC podcast

    🚫I love you but ”No”🚫


    Ever find yourself struggling to say "no" to the boss, a coworker, teenage daughter, or the in-laws? These 5 words will change your life: I love you but "no." This episode gives you the gift of how to say "no" from a place of ease and grace. This is waaaaaaaaaay better than saying "yes", feeling resentment/obligation/seething anger, doing the task, and only creating more resentment, obligation, and seething anger for yourself and the other person. Instead!!!, try saying 'i love you but "no."' If you don't want to tell the boss you love her, no problem! Say it in your head because love feels so much better than obligation. You will learn how to put this in place for your kids, your boss, your coworkers, your partner, your in-laws, your family, and, most importantly, for you. I love you but "no." These 5 words will change your life. Promise.   xoxo, Christina   PS. More secrets to saying "no" can be found on this free 5-day training delivered straight to your email inbox. We are always either advocating for our dreams OR settling for less. Always. This mini-course is worth thousands of dollars and is totally FREE! Please pay it forward and share with 10 of your contacts. Let's help women physicians get paid their worth in our generation. Go to this URL to get closer to your dream life in 10 simple steps (for free):  
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    🍭Emotional Gobstoppers: The Problem & Cure🍭


    Hi Mommas and Poppas,   Who knows what a "gobstopper" is? They are delicious candies that have multiple layers of different colors and flavors. The exterior color might be purple, but under the purple layer is red, and under the red is green, etc.   This week's tool is how to recognize EMOTIONAL gobstoppers. For example, Anger generally overlies the deeper feeling of hurt. Because we often hate feeling hurt, we often instead react with Anger because Anger feels powerful and aggressive. You certainly can coach on the feeling of Anger and transition into another feeling, but that's not the root feeling and so Anger and other negative feelings will likely continue to pop up in other parts of your life. But if you can uncover the thoughts causing the deeper feeling of hurt, you can dissolve the anger and cure the underlying issue.   Ever had a week where you keep struggling with irritability, disappointment, annoyance, or anger? If you feel stuck in these emotions, consider that these patterns of emotions might actually be overlying deeper feelings and these deeper feelings are the root cause. Coach yourself on the root cause, and the negative emotion dissolves and you can unstick yourself. Click below to recognize emotional gobstoppers and know how to cure the root problem.     xoxo, Christina   PS. Looking for help coaching on your emotional gobstopper? I have >1200 physician coaching experience-- I can help!  Faculty-level women physicians considering joining my coaching program UplevelMD who haven't had a free mini session can request your free 30min mini session at  
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    📽️How to be The Watcher: How Have I Not Taught You This Yet?!?!📽️


    Hi Mommas and Poppas,   Today's show is about a magic trick that I totally forgot to teach you about it! I use it as much or more than I use the model. I have taught my 1:1 private clients, but I realized today that I haven't taught my dearest podcast listeners yet. If you think you have heard it all, buckle up! This magic trick takes a bit of practice to perfect, but it can take you from LIVID to LIGHT in about 3 minutes. Wanna know the trick?   This episode will teach you to become The WATCHER of your brain. Instead of being in the middle of a hurricane of feelings and reacting to life, try this fix! You don't have to do ANYTHING. You simply zoom out of your life and watch your brain work. I liken it to putting my brain in the palm of my hand and watching it with as much love and curiosity as possible. Some people like the analogy of watching your brain, sort of like you are watching a movie at the theater.   The key is to get some distance from your brain so that you can see the model play out in real-time. The totally non-instinctual trick is that you have to NOT want to move forward at all. Instead, be willing to sit in all of it. Watch your brain from non-judgment. That's it. It sounds so crazy simple that you might not have ever considered this an option. This is the magic. Give it a try.   Want help becoming The Watcher in your own life? It does take a bit of practice, and having a guide is incredibly helpful. If you are a faculty-level woman physician who is considering joining my coaching program UplevelMD and haven't had a free mini session before, sign up for your free 30min mini session at   xoxo, Christina  
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    🦸‍♀️Just When I Thought I was Going to DIE: How to Superwoman Thru Any Situation!🦸‍♀️


    Hi Mommas and Poppas!   This is a very special episode for our 50th episode and my 44th Bday. In this show, you will learn how to Superwoman through any life challenge: applying for promotion, resigning a leadership position, gearing up for negotiations, moving, asking for a raise, hosting the in-laws, or preparing for a divorce hearing. The lesson is wrapped in an adventure at Sky Pond that involves all the usual dramatic elements of any great story: tears, a near death experience, adventure, a waterfall, a pregnant woman, and breath-taking views.   The punchline is that we sometimes will CHOOSE to do a challenging task. The trick is to know that you can do it scared while ugly crying and climbing up a waterfall. How? Take a moment right now while you are safe and well-fed in the comfort of your car or office, and develop your life motto. Remind yourself of your life motto as you prepare to do your new hard thing.   Here are some of my go-to life mottoes: I know how to do hard things; I never quit on myself; This is my perfect life adventure; I always figure it out.   Remember, you don't have to feel confident while doing hard things. I rarely do. Allow your life motto to help you tap into your commitment and courage. Will it feel amazing? Nope. It felt awful for me. And I did it anyway. So can you. Click below to access the drama and intrigue of how you too can Superwoman through ANYTHING!   Want help developing your life motto or preparing for your next hard thing? I have 3 free 30min mini sessions. Faculty-level woman physicians who are considering joining my coaching program UplevelMD are eligible to apply for a free 30min mini session at If we are a good fit, you can schedule your free mini session today! Good luck!   xoxo, Christina      
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    🙈E49: Eureka! This Magic Trick Will Change Your Life TODAY🙈


    Hi Mommas and Poppas!   Buckle-up, this show has all the things!: A big announcement. A salacious diary entry. A crime scene. The police. Tears. And a beautiful ending.   Through an unexpected crime scene, I learned a secret magic trick to getting out of intense feelings and finding my way back to peace. It's worked every time. It worked on my clients as well. Try it out and let me know what you think.   My new 5 step magic trick: Step 1. Label the feeling (one word) Step 2..... Step 3. Uncover the lie Step 4..... Step 5.....   Check out this show for all the juicy details.   xoxo, Christina    
  • Your Path in Focus, LLC podcast

    E48: Lessons From The Most Amazing People on the Planet!


    Hi Mommas and Poppas,   Ever meet someone and wonder, "how do they do all that they do?" Here's a glimpse into the life lessons of some of the most extraordinary humans on the planet. Summer UplevelMD just wrapped, and this episode has select anonymous lessons from some of the students in the program. Learn how to stop overworking, ditch overwhelm, and step into your next best chapter from women physicians who are on the same path as you. All lessons are tried, tested, and approved by women physicians. This will totally work for you too! These life lessons will zip you to the top of your mountain. Check out this show. This might be the most precious episode yet. It just might blow your mind.   xoxo, Christina    
  • Your Path in Focus, LLC podcast

    E47: 6Steps to Ditch Dread & Step into FREEDOM!


    Hi Mommas!   Brace yourself. I am about to tell you about a white Sandy beach, a dangerous Toad, a train, and a few rowdy folks. OMG. This really is my life.   But lets start with this: Anyone ever feel D-R-E-A-D? If you are a physician mom in the pandemic, you totally have! This episode is how to ditch the Dread and replace it with FREEDOM. You are 6 steps away from dropping the Dread forever.   Secret 1: You can say 'No' to tasks that you don't want to do. The trick is to like your reasons. If you can decline from a place of grace and love, you can prevent guilt, anxiety, and self-doubt after you decline. When you decline, know that you are making someone else soooooooooo happy as they get to step into this new opportunity. Remember that you are gifting yourself a huge packet of FREE TIME. Win-Win-Win.   Secret 2: You can say 'Yes', just remind yourself that you are CHOOSING to do this task for a larger win. Empower yourself. Like your reasons so you can prevent resentment, overwhelm, and frustration after you accept. You are always winning. Win-Win-Win.   There are so many other tips and tricks to moving away from Dread into FREEDOM. Click below to find out how to ditch Dread and step into Freedom. Today.   Check this out and you just might blow your own mind, xoxo, Christina      
  • Your Path in Focus, LLC podcast

    E46: Be Fearless When Your Brain Wants to Freak the F* Out!


    Dear Mommas and Poppas,   So many of my clients are struggling with fear right now: applying for a new job, starting a new position, letting go of an old position, buying a house, sending a kid to college, approaching the empty nest, declining a job offer, starting a business. If you've ever experienced fear, this episode is for you.   Ever been so afraid you think you might puke? I mean so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafraid!?!?! Of course you have! We all have. All humans have fear-- except maybe psychopaths. Fear is a normal part of the human experience. The more you are willing to risk, the more fear you will have. It's just not possible to get through this life without fear. The problem is that most people let their fear keep them small, derail their dreams, and hold them back. There is another way!   This week I almost died 1,700 times! I was so scared to fail because I wanted the opportunity so much. What if I humiliate myself? What if I fail? What if I don't get the position? These thoughts were such a drag.   Then I thought, but what if I kill it!   So I did the task. I did it SCARED. Was it perfect? Heck no. But we can do hard things. It wasn't med-school hard.   Doing hard things while scared is the definition of courage. If it wasn't scary, we wouldn't need to be brave. We need fear. Fear keeps us safe and helps us grow to live extraordinary lives. Fear is amazing. Fear can come along for the ride-- it just can't drive the car. Spoiler alert: I did the thing and I didn't die afterward.   In life, you get good at what you do. If you hold yourself back because of fear,  you get good at being scared. If you don't let fear hold you back, you become FEARLESS. What could you do if you were fearless? Anything you want.   Like what you hear? I opened 3 free 30min mini-sessions to customize this podcast to your life. Requirements: you must be a faculty member considering Fall UplevelMD (my 8 week coaching program starting Sept 7, 2021), not have had a free mini-before, and respond by Aug 20, 2021. These free mini's are a $250 value and will go on a first come first serve basis. Don't miss this!   xoxo, Christina    

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