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YDQA: Ep 64- "What Do Property Owners Look For In Drone Content?"

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Welcome back to another episode of "Your Drone Questions. Answered" with John Dickow from Drone Launch Academy! Today, we dive into a specific question from our community: how to best serve property owners with aerial content and navigate indoor drone flights for real estate shoots.

Joining John is James Grace, founder of JMG Aerial Imagery. With five years of experience and a rich background in Sony Pictures, James shares his journey from hobbyist drone pilot to a successful entrepreneur. Discover his expert tips on capturing stunning real estate photos and videos, especially in the challenging indoor environments.

📸 Topics Covered:

Key content property owners look for in aerial footage
The importance of asking for brochures to align with client expectations
The benefits and techniques of using FPV drones like the DJI Avada for interior shots
James’s personal experience and business strategies in the drone industry
Tips for pricing and negotiating with clients

🚀 Highlights:

Why sunset shots can be a game-changer for real estate photography
How to creatively capture unique angles with FPV drones
The importance of knowing your client’s budget and maximizing your earnings

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