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YDQA: Ep 62- "What Factors to Consider When Pricing Drone Services?"

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In this episode of Your Drone Questions Answered, we discuss an important topic for drone pilots - how to properly price your drone services. John is joined by Cody Retlich, founder and CEO of DroneAdair, who shares his valuable insights and tips.

Cody emphasizes the importance of asking the right questions upfront to understand the client's needs and expectations fully. He stresses considering factors like location, experience, equipment, project scope, deliverables, and post-production requirements before quoting a price.
The discussion covers the dangers of underpricing or doing too much free work, as it can undercut the market and devalue the services being offered. Cody advises pilots to educate clients on fair market prices and not be afraid to charge appropriately for their skills and expertise.
Additionally, Cody highlights the importance of pricing structures, whether hourly, daily, or project-based, and offers advice on setting rates that align with personal satisfaction and industry standards.
Overall, this episode provides valuable guidance for drone pilots looking to establish a sustainable pricing strategy that values their work while remaining competitive in the market.

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