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YDQA: Ep 59- "How to Share Processed Drone Maps Online?"

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Welcome back to another episode of "Your Drone Questions. Answered"! In this episode, we dive into the world of mapping with drone technology. Join John Dickow from Drone Launch Academy as we answer your questions and explores the process of sharing maps online.

Today's question comes from a viewer who recently acquired a license for PIX4D mapper but is unsure how to share maps online, particularly with an embed code. To shed light on this topic, John invites Michael Lilley, founder of Wet Dog Drone Services and an active member of the drone community, to share his expertise.

Michael provides valuable insights into sharing maps processed through PIX4D. He discusses finding and accessing the map files, understanding client preferences for map delivery, and practical tips for sharing maps efficiently.

Discover the nuances of map sharing, including using Dropbox, creating private client pages on websites, and utilizing plugins for seamless file access. Michael also delves into the importance of client communication and the role of patience in navigating the drone mapping business.

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