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YDQA: Ep 58- "How To Measure Roofs and Find Water Leaks Using Drones?"

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How to Measure Roofs and Detect Leaks with Drones

Welcome back to another episode of "Your drone questions. answered". In this episode our guest expert is Jason Koonce from 107 Technologies.

He walks through step-by-step how to accurately measure roofs using drones and photogrammetry software.

Jason covers the key steps like capturing drone data, establishing known measurement references, determining roof pitch, and processing the data into an orthomosaic map. He demonstrates how to upload the map into software like to generate measurement reports with square footage, linear feet of drip edge, and more.

But measuring isn't the only roof application for drones. Jason also explains how to use drone-mounted thermal cameras to detect water intrusion and moisture issues. He provides tips on understanding emissivity and reflectivity concepts to properly interpret thermal images.

In addition to thermal, Jason emphasizes the importance of supplementing with visual inspections, as water often travels along paths you can't see with thermal alone. He shares examples of verifying suspected leaks by tracing moisture paths with handheld thermal cameras inside attics.

More than just the drone gear, Jason highlights other essential tools and equipment to have in your arsenal, like laptops, batteries, mobile internet hotspots and even the right vehicle for transporting it all. He discusses optimizing your tools for efficiency and client satisfaction.

As someone running a successful full-time drone business, Jason also offers advice for those wanting to turn their drone passion into a career. He stresses persistence through the lean times and continuously updating your skills to stay relevant in your niche.

Whether you're a homeowner, roofing contractor, or aspiring drone services provider, this video is a treasure trove of insights into leveraging drones for roof measurements and leak detection. Buckle up and get ready to soar to new heights with your drone skills!

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