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YDQA: Ep 56- "How To Achieve Optimal Accuracy With A Drone?"

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Welcome to "Your Drone Questions. Answered"! In this episode, John Dickow from Drone Launch Academy is joined by Dylan Gorman, founder of Pilot Byte, to delve into achieving high accuracy with drones. Dylan, with his extensive mapping and photogrammetry experience, shares insights on three main methods for optimal accuracy: visual accuracy focusing on ground sampling distance (GSD), physical accuracy using ground control points, PPK, and RTK technologies. He also discusses ideal altitude and overlap percentages for different mapping projects.

Whether you're new to drone mapping or looking to enhance your skills, Dylan offers valuable advice on getting educated and starting in the industry. Tune in for expert tips and answers to your drone questions!

Got a question? Submit it at or in the Drone Launch Connect community. Stay tuned for more episodes and happy flying!

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