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YDQA: Ep 51 - "How Much To Charge A Client For Drone Work?"

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In this episode of "Your Drone Questions. Answered," host John Dickow tackles the common question: how much to charge clients for drone video services and licensing? He's joined by FAA certified drone videographer and photographer, Kevin Olson.

Kevin emphasizes that pricing depends on various factors, including experience level and geographical location. Starting with free work to build a portfolio is common, but as one progresses, pricing should reflect the value of time and expertise.

For fresh drone video shoots, rates might range from $100-$150 initially. However, factors like travel, editing time, and complexity of the project should be considered. It's essential not to undervalue oneself, ensuring fair compensation for time and effort.

When it comes to licensing existing drone footage, Kevin shares insights from his own experience. Prices can vary widely based on usage, clientele, and negotiation skills. For instance, licensing a short clip to NBC earned him $1000, demonstrating the importance of valuing one's work appropriately.

Moreover, Kevin highlights the significance of networking within the drone community, sharing insights and collaborating with fellow professionals rather than seeing them as competitors. This collaboration can lead to future opportunities and referrals.

In conclusion, Kevin advises drone enthusiasts not to undervalue their skills and to have confidence in pricing their services accordingly. With proper valuation and networking, one can build a successful drone videography business.

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