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YDQA: Ep 50 - "How To Legally Fly a Drone in a National Park?"

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Welcome back to another episode of Your Drone Questions Answered! In this episode, John Dickow and David Young tackle the common misconception that drones can't be flown in national parks. David breaks down the legal pathway to flying drones in these protected areas, shedding light on the exceptions outlined in Policy Memorandum 14-05 issued by the United States Department of the Interior National Park Service.

Learn about the detailed process of obtaining a Special Park Uses Permit, the criteria park superintendents consider, and the essential conditions drone operators must adhere to for safe and legal operations within national parks. From FAA regulations to environmental considerations, David provides valuable insights for drone enthusiasts looking to fly responsibly in these scenic locations.

If you've ever wondered about the possibility of flying drones in national parks, this episode is a must-watch! Have your own drone-related question? Send it over to or join the discussion in the Drone Launch Connect community.

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