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YDQA: Ep 48 - "What are the rules for kids flying a drone?"

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In this episode of Your Drone Questions Answered, John Dickow and David Young tackle the topic of drones for kids. 

David, a father of five and founder of Drone Launch Academy, shares his insights and experiences on this matter. They discuss rules and regulations for kids flying drones, including the TRUST exam mandated by the FAA. 

David also provides practical tips based on his firsthand experiences, such as starting with indoor flying to avoid wind issues and the importance of avoiding trees. They delve into affordable drone options on platforms like Amazon, emphasizing the simplicity of control and the need for parental supervision. 

Additionally, David shares a fun game involving Nerf guns and drones. Whether you're a parent considering a drone for your child or a curious enthusiast, this episode offers valuable information and entertaining anecdotes. 

Tune in for expert advice and exciting drone discussions! If you have any drone-related queries, don't hesitate to submit them through or the Drone Launch Connect community. 

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