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From Parent to Tech Pro: Unlocking Your Career Potential with Supermums, Heather Black

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Welcome back to the "Work Like a Mum" podcast! Today's episode is a game-changer, especially if you're at a turning point in your career, craving a better work-life balance, or just curious about a job in tech.

We're sitting down with bestselling author Heather Black, the CEO of Supermums. Heather’s journey is nothing short of inspiring - from navigating her career shift to launching and now scaling Supermums. This initiative not only equips individuals, particularly parents, with Salesforce skills for flexible, better-paying roles but is also taking significant strides in its growth to empower more people globally.

Heather shares the challenges she faced and overcame, both personally and professionally, and how Supermums found its footing and thrived even when times got tough. She delves into the strategy behind scaling her business, expanding its reach, and making tech skills accessible to a broader audience. Plus, she gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how she wrote her book, "Become a Super Salesforce Consultant," which is the perfect introduction to what a Salesforce career looks like and is packed with insights and advice for both budding and existing Salesforce professionals.

This chat is for you if you're thinking about shaking up your career, stepping back into work, or just trying to make your work-life balance a bit easier. Heather's story and Supermums' mission demonstrate that the right skills, support, and determination can lead to a fulfilling career that also lets you be there for family time.

Catch this episode now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify for real talk, genuine stories, and actionable steps you can take to transform your career. If Heather's story sparks something in you, or if you're considering jumping into the Salesforce world, connect with her on LinkedIn and follow Supermums on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest job updates and tips.

Your biggest dreams are within reach. Let's explore how together!

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