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wooAlog by KIM WOOJIN

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김우진 KIM WOOJIN https://open.spotify.com/artist/2jAhpp38AMZvTHud2OJbvM Sharing daily life with someone is happy and sometimes comforting. ‘wooAlog’ is the place you are looking for, filled with our daily moments. Share your story with Kim Woojin at the podcast ‘wooAlog’. 누군가와 일상을 공유하는 것만으로도 즐겁고 때로는 위로가 됩니다. ‘우아로그’는 우리가 함께 매일의 소소한 이야기를 나누는 시간으로 채워질거에요. 우리가 함께하는 아늑한 시간, 팟캐스트 ‘우아로그’ 김우진과 아늑하고 따뜻한 시간 나누어요. #wooAlog #KIMWOOJIN #WOOJIN #10xEntertainment — YouTube 🎧 (with SUB KOR🇰🇷/ENG🇺🇸/SPN🇪🇸/IND🇮🇩/JPN🇯🇵) 👉 https://bit.ly/33v8eYH Apple Podcasts 🎧 👉 https://apple.co/2VBaQ

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