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What The Func?!

Functional Medicine Coaching

What the func is Functional Medicine? How can it help you eat what your body actually needs, lose weight, and get healthy? Lower your stress level, improve your mental health, and help you thrive, mind, body, and soul? On the What the Func?! Podcast, we’re redefining HEALTHY by questioning the healthcare status quo with all the curiosity, science, and fun we can muster. Our brilliant hosts are Laura Schein, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and longtime health nut, and Clayton Farris, a former “garbage human” (his words!) who discovered this new way to heal when conventional medicine let him down. Each episode, they dig into new, trending, and sometimes controversial topics in Functional Medicine, and with the help of the doctors and changemakers who stop by to share their expertise, they discover new and better ways to be healthy, from the brain to the gut and beyond. Have a listen and join us in asking “What the Func is Functional Medicine?!” What the Func?! is created by The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. https://functionalmedicinecoaching.org

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