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Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast

Dr. Ernie Ward & Beckie Mossor, RVT

Weekly podcast dedicated to "tackling the toughest topics in veterinary medicine." Hosted by veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward and registered veterinary technician Beckie Mossor. Candid, irreverent, provocative, educational, and occasionally funny conversations about issues that impact the veterinary profession.

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  • Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast podcast

    Are Veterinarians "Real Doctors"? A Recent Social Media Controversy Sparks Debate


    Are veterinarians “real doctors”? What about vet techs? Are they “medical professionals”? A recent veterinarian versus Peloton quarrel over a "medical professional discount" went public on social media, and we’ve got all the feels… … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward (a proud Peloton papa since the beginning) and Beckie Mossor, RVT (not in the Peloton fam) tackle the issue of what to do when the public fails to recognize or respect veterinary professionals was “medical professionals.” This issue is a whole lot bigger than a stationary bike. … Beckie shares the recent social media outrage and "Peloton punching bag” that has dominated many feeds the past week. Beckie postulates that this week’s Peloton pushback follows a long history of vets being dissed, that hearkens all the way back to Dr. James Herriot. … Dr. Ward urges our colleagues to take meaningful steps to make positive change, rather than solely engage in online emotional outrage. He also encourages our veterinary organizations, particularly the AVMA and NAVTA, to issue statements and his in elevating the public perception of veterinary professionals. … Both our hosts share personal stories of how they’ve been slighted in public, and Dr. Ward reveals how he stopped comparing himself to human doctors early in his career and why veterinary professionals shouldn’t “take it personally.” … Viewfinders, this is a jam-packed conversation that covers a lot of tough topics. Let us know your thoughts!
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    Post-Pandemic Veterinary Vaccine Skepticism


    For the past year, controversies surrounding COVID-19 vaccination have dominated the news. Vaccine skepticism and hesitation is being reported at all time highs. Will COVID-19 vaccine skepticism cause an increase in pet parents refusing veterinary vaccines? We share our thoughts in this week’s episode. … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT tackle the tough topic of vaccine hesitancy faced by veterinary professionals. The pair reveal several conversations they’ve had with colleagues concerned about an increase in clients questioning pet vaccines. They also discuss the growing threat of online attacks on veterinary clinics recommending certain vaccine protocols. … The duo offer simple tips on helping clients better understand vaccines and preventive care. Dr. Ward offers his time-tested “no debate, everyone wins” attitude toward hot topics such as vaccinations and other preventive care topics. And once again, our hosts implore managers and owners to provide better support and resources for their staff. … Viewfinders, the key message for this topic is “Prepare now!” This episode stresses how your veterinary practice team can prepare now for the future challenges quickly approaching. … Viewfinders, are you seeing more clients refusing pet vaccines? Do you think clients are more volatile and prone to outbursts over seemingly innocent recommendations than ever before? Share your experiences with us!
  • Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast podcast

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  • Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast podcast

    Happy National Vet Tech Week! Can We Get a Living Wage, Basic Benefits, Title Protection, and a Positive Workplace?


    National Veterinary Technician Week is October 17-23, 2021! Can we get better working conditions, please? And other ways to celebrate your credentialed veterinary technicians in 2021. … This week hosts Beckie Mossor, RVT and Dr. Ernie Ward share their tips for celebrating your credentialed veterinary technicians in honor of the 28th annual NVTW (started in 1993, for all you veterinary medicine history nerds). In addition, they tackle a ton of tough topics facing vet techs and the veterinary profession. You knew we couldn’t stop at “pizza party!” … The duo dive into the poor representation of vet techs in organized veterinary medicine, starting with why the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) isn’t accurately named. Dr. Ward offers some simple tips for making the AVMA more inclusive and representative of the “American veterinary medical” system. Beckie explains why this is actually important for the future of our profession. …Beckie explains why $15 an hour isn’t really a “living wage” and both offer insights into what better pay and benefits for vet techs should - and could - be. Beckie also shares why title protection is essential for the growth of credentialed veterinary technicians. … Finally, our hosts offer gift and recognition ideas for veterinary practices interested in celebrating their credentialed vet techs this year. Viewfinders, there’s a lot to think (and take action) about in this episode!
  • Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast podcast

    The Vet Med Guilt Game - Quitting, Vacation, & Holiday Time Off Shaming


    Lately, we’ve been hearing stories of veterinary practice managers and owners making departing staff feel guilty for finding a better job. After a team member puts in their notice, they then face a barrage of guilt-inducing blame and judgment, further eroding their self confidence and assertiveness. But it doesn’t end there. … Hosts Beckie Mossor, RVT and Dr. Ernie Ward also share their concerns about the rapidly approaching holiday season and the impact "holiday time off" may have on our already overwhelmed teams' morale, productivity, and patient care. Ho, ho, hold on for this one, Viewfinders! … This week our hosts discuss the importance of respectfully and professionally handling an employee leaving their job for another, and why exit interviews may, “help you save the rest,” as Dr. Ward puts it. … The pair also tackle the topic of holiday time off and each share real-time vacation dilemmas they are hearing from veterinary colleagues around the country. Beckie advises, “Get ahead of your holiday planning now!” We explain… … Viewfinders, once again we cover A LOT of territory in this half-hour conversation. Share your thoughts by email or direct message!
  • Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast podcast

    Veterinary Job Ads - Words versus Reality in the War for Vet Staff


    There’s no shortage of veterinary job listings these days. As competition for veterinary professionals heats up, are some of these employment ads potentially misleading or misrepresenting their workplace reality? We tackle that tough topic and job search woes in this episode! Plus, we give our thoughts on creating better, more truthful job postings and why making employees your top priority is the best strategy of all! Viewfinders, hang on to your noggin’ for this one! … Hosts Beckie Mossor, RVT and Dr. Ernie Ward discuss the recent escalation in the appealing language and messages in veterinary job ads. The pair offer advice to applicants seeking to sift through the fluff and get to the truth. … Our hosts also share several recent stories of vets and vet techs who discovered a new hire was being paid more than established staff, and the impact that had on team morale. … Dr. Ward revisits his experience and philosophy on his switch in the 1990’s to paying staff much more than “industry standards” and how that move affected both revenue and quality of life for him and his team. … Beckie stresses the importance of protecting the title of “veterinary technician” in employment listings and how to handle a boss or manager not playing fair with pay and benefits. … Viewfinders, we hope these tough conversations continue to spark change within the veterinary profession. We had a blast recording this episode and would love to hear from you!
  • Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast podcast

    Pandemic Pets, Expensive Vets, Relinquishment - How Can We Help?


    A recent pet parent survey found that 47% experienced “separation anxiety while away from their pets.” 76% of respondents claimed their dog suffered from anxiety behaviors while they were away. In addition to these stats, there’s been a growing number of media stories examining “the high cost of veterinary care,” and increased requests to “return” or relinquish adopted “pandemic pets.” This week we explore the interconnectedness of these stories and how we can help as veterinary professionals. … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT review a spat of news stories that describe current challenges faced by pet parents. From fears of leaving pets alone when returning to work post-pandemic, to financial challenges of veterinary care, and how some animal shelters are responding to requests to relinquish pets, this episode tackles a LOT of tough topics our profession is facing in late 2021. … Our hosts offer steps every veterinary clinic can take to address complaints about money, initiating conversations about behavioral issues, and how to help pet parents worried about leaving their pets at home. And MUCH more! … Viewfinders, how are you handling separation anxiety worries with your clients? Are you hearing complaints about cost of care? What about the return of “pandemic pets” to shelters? We’d love to hear your experiences! … Survey cited in podcast:
  • Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast podcast

    Are We Learning From or Burning Down the Big Players in Vet Med?


    This week co-host Beckie Mossor, RVT reports to us from the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) in Las Vegas, Nevada where there’s a lot of talk about the big veterinary corporations and pet retailers and the impact they’re having throughout the profession (spoiler: a couple are engaged in a battle of lawsuits amongst other issues). … Co-host Dr. Ernie Ward talks with Beckie from deep within his home podcast bunker and the pair muse on how quickly changes are happening in the pet and veterinary industries as we (hopefully) begin to see a little post-pandemic light ahead. Well, at least a few in-person veterinary conferences are happening, so there’s that. … Beckie and Ernie discuss the lessons veterinary professionals can learn from some of the more well-organized (and funded) large corporate practices and pet retailers, and what independent practices can do to remain competitive for staff. … Beckie drops gems such as “veterinary technicians are going over you or with you” and “ride not resist” when it comes to positive changes, while Dr. Ward applauds veterinary technicians and support staff for standing up for self-care, mental health support, and better working conditions. … Viewfinders, there’s a lot to unpack from this trip to Vegas! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Don’t forget to stop by your favorite podcast player and drop a brief 5-star review! It helps so much! Thanks and we’ll talk to you next week!
  • Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast podcast

    How Veterinary Relief Staff Can Help Heal your Practice


    During the past 18 months, nearly every veterinary practice has experienced unprecedented demands and challenges. Throw in the reality of an historically-tight job market, with few available veterinarians and vet techs to go around, and you’ve got even more problems. These difficulties have caused considerable professional (and personal) burnout, with many colleagues not knowing how they could possibly take a break. That’s where relief (or locus) veterinary staff could help heal your practice ills. … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT are joined by Dr. Cindy Trice, Founder of Relief Rover, an online service that connect veterinary clinics with relief help. … Dr. Trice shares how she started in relief work, what led to the formation of, and how impactful leveraging relief staff can be for an overworked team. … Viewfinders, you know we’re compactly lamenting the fact that you’re overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated. Here’s a solution we think could help you (at least) get a break to recharge your spirit (and body, relationships, etc.). … What have your experiences with relief vets or vet techs been? Is this something you think would help your clinic? Share your thoughts (and a 5-star review) over on Apple Podcasts or our social media! Thank you!
  • Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast podcast

    Doobert - Pet Rescue Transportation Relay with Founder Chris Roy


    DOOBERT! Doobert! So fun to say, we had to say it twice! So what is it? … This week we sit down with the Founder of, Chris Roy. Doobert is “an online software platform custom-built for animal rescuers. It’s like a combination of specifically for animal shelters and rescues to find new partners, and then a volunteer Uber for getting the animals where they need to go.” You’re gonna want to listen to this one! … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT learn all about the innovative Doobert platform that connects animal rescue volunteers or “Dooberteers” to transport shelter pets across town or across country. This “pet rescue relay” is super cool and saving lives! … Viewfinders, we hope this inspiring ray of goodness warms your week! Thank you to Chris and all the Dooberteers for helping those that can not help themselves. Bravo! … Visit to learn more or volunteer to help.
  • Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast podcast

    Generation Ghost - Is Saying Nothing the New Way to Say No?


    Veterinary practices around the country are reporting high numbers of veterinary staff failing (or bailing) on interviews or even work. Is “ghosting” or saying nothing becoming the new way to say, “No”? This week we discuss. … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT discuss the concerning trend of veterinary job applicants “ghosting” veterinary practices during the hiring process. Is this really a thing? If so, why? And what can we do to improve communications during interview and hiring? … The duo tackle the reasons why “ghosting” may be on the rise, the role social media may be having on the acceptance or failing to follow-through, and the impacts this behavior may have in the short- and long-terms. As Beckie shares, “Do you want guilt in the short-term or resentment in the long-term?” We explore. … Viewfinders, is “ghosting” jobs becoming accepted? What affects may “no shows” have on existing staff? What happens to the future job prospects for folks who “ghost” veterinary clinics? So much to talk about this episode! … Viewfinders, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with us on social media or email And thanks for not ghosting us for the past (nearly) 5 years!

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