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Tiger Global's Downturn: A 33% Investment Setback

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In today's episode Jon and Peter talk about what the current downturn of Tiger Global 

  • Early March it came out that Tiger global investment portfolio *Venture portfolio* is down 33%
  • Even before that Tiger Global has become a laughing stock, or the poster child of venture excess
  • Did they make a mistake? Are they in trouble? Stripe’s recent $6.5B investment marks them down 50%
  • What is Tiger Global?
    • An investment firm focused on “public and private companies in the global Internet, software, consumer, and financial technology industries.”
    • $58B under management (September 2022)
  • What is their unique approach?
    • Known for being extremely aggressive
    • “Annoint” winners by dumping cash on the market leader
  • What are their popular investments?
    • Coinbase
    • Facebook
    • Flipkart
    • LinkedIn
    • Spotify
    • Stripe
  • Peter, why did you want to cover this?
  • Sources

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