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How To Get Into Venture Capital?

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Welcome to the Venture Capital podcast with your hosts, Peter Harris from the University Growth Fund and John Bradshaw from Codebase. In today's episode, we delve into the intriguing world of "How to Get into Venture Capital." Peter, the seasoned venture capitalist, and John, offering the founder's perspective, explore the ins and outs of entering the venture capital space.

The hosts kick off by discussing the basic qualifications and skills required for a successful venture capital career. From the necessity of operational experience to the potential influence of wealthy connections, they provide valuable insights into the diverse paths individuals can take.

As the conversation unfolds, they touch on the importance of networking and how a robust network plays a pivotal role in sourcing deals and fundraising. They emphasize the need to be world-class in at least two out of three crucial aspects: fundraising, deal sourcing, and picking winners.

The advantages of a career in venture capital are also spotlighted, including the potential for substantial wealth accumulation. Peter and John candidly share their thoughts on the intellectual stimulation that comes with the job, the power dynamics within the industry, and the respect that venture capitalists often command.

However, the podcast doesn't shy away from addressing the challenges in the venture capital realm. The hosts discuss the potential risks for those who do not succeed in the industry, pondering the alternatives for VCs who find themselves at a crossroads.

In a practical turn, Peter and John offer advice on focusing on a niche when entering venture capital, suggesting that individuals leverage their existing expertise and networks for better chances of success. They discuss the nuances of fundraising for different funds, touching on the perceived difficulties of raising the first fund versus subsequent ones.

The hosts round off the episode with a crucial tip for aspiring venture capitalists—building personal relationships is key. They stress the significance of being someone enjoyable to work with and demonstrating a capacity to add value to the organization.

If you're intrigued by the world of venture capital or contemplating a career in the field, this episode provides valuable insights and practical tips from two experienced voices in the industry. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of "How to Get into Venture Capital." And don't forget to leave a five-star review if you found this episode insightful! Visit for more ways to stay connected.

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