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Amie McNee and James Winestock

A podcast about building a sustainable creative life. A place to take your art seriously where you can go to reflect on your journey and build a thriving creative practice.

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    Our Favourite Things of 2021


    In our last podcast for the year (and for season 4), we talk about some of the things we've enjoyed most lately. From books to TV shows to tech, we try to come away from this weird year with a focus on the small joys derived from other people's art and creativity. People and Creators we talked about in this episode Books: Jay Kristoff and his book the Empire of the Vampire. Breath by James Nestor Laziness does not exist by Devon Price Social Media presences we have loved and learned from: @laurahesp  @_peacefromwithin  Lily @hankgreen and the VLOG brothers youtube. Podcasts:  MJ unleashed. - With Mary Jean.  Intentionally blank. - with Brandon Sanderson  Tim Ferris show Artists  @copholia_design_dyufio - By Tanja 
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    Taking up Space with Sharon Walters.


    In this episode Amie interviews Sharon Walters, @london_Artist1. Sharon is a London-based artist who creates hand-assembled collages celebrating black women. Within this episode Amie and Sharon talk about what it is like to unashamedly take up space as a creator. They cover many topics, including; social media, art education, resistance, failure and Sharon's unbelievable success this year in the art world.  If you want to follow Sharon and witness her incredible art you can find her here: https://www.londonartist1.com/ Apologies for the audio on this one. Zoom had a little bit of sound trouble but it's not too bad!
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    Should You Grit or Should You Quit?


    We return to one of our favourite topics: the power of quitting stuff! Many of us have adopted the story that quitting is always a failure. But how could this be true? If we never quit anything, we'd end up doing a whole stack of things that no longer have any value to us and wasting our time. We definitely need to push through hard things sometimes, but we also need to learn when something isn't serving us anymore and when to move on. Remember, if you need encouragement to get through the challenges of your creative calling, Amie's paid podcast It's Time To Write, is here for you.
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    Raising Creative Children feat. Amie's dad!


    VERY SPECIAL GUEST EPISODE. On the pod today we have Amie's Dad—Steve, Etches, Thomas—a poet. We talk to him about raising a creative child like Amie; how best to encourage creativity in children; finding creativity in the day-to-day; growing up with adults who don't support creativity; getting back into art later in life, and much more! We loved having Steve, Etches, Thomas, on the pod. He has been so wise, gentle, strong, calming, supportive to both of us and we want you to bask in some of his wonderfulness!  Also, stay to the end for a poetry reading :)
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    Putting Yourself Out There


    We talk about the difficulties of trying to connect with other people. Whether that's sending a DM asking to be on someone's podcast, or emailing a gatekeeper asking them to look at your work, this is something all creatives have to deal with and it can be really hard. How do we do this well and how do we stop ease some of the pain and discomfort that comes with the vulnerability?
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    Stop Waiting For Your Big Break


    Are you waiting around for you big break? Do you find it hard to celebrate the little steps on the path to your success? So do we! Let's chat about how we can reframe this conversation and celebrate the journey.  Don't forget Amie has a new paid podcast out, you can check it out here.
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    It's Time To Write preview


    In this episode, we talk about Amie's new paid podcast, It's Time To Write and then play you three sample episodes from it! It's Time To Write is available through Amie's Website.
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    Why Is Art Important?


    We discuss the importance of art. Far from being frivolous, art forms our public conversations—our culture! Art is a sandbox for exploring ideas, big and small, intimate and worlds spanning. It can do things that an academic paper, an essay, an article, a documentary, or a non-fiction book can't. This is some of the most fun we've had on the podcast! Join us!
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    Everything about our private lives (Q&A4)


    Ever wanted to know how we met? What muggle jobs we've had? What are our fave video games are? This is the episode! Amie's new paid podcast "It's time to write" will launch on the 29th of October! Keep your eyes peeled!
  • Unpublished podcast

    Stop Making Excuses For Wanting to be Creative


    In this ep we talk about the need many of us feel to defend our desire to create. "It's just a hobby", "I'm not very good anyway", "It's just an outlet". You don't need to make excuses. Creativity is an essential human desire.  At the same time, you don't need to expend energy convincing people who are committed to misunderstanding you. We talk about this delicate balance. Amie's website: https://www.amiemcnee.com/

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