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Murphy's Law

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Welcome to the Red Hand Podcast It’s been another tough week to be an Ulster fan as our Challenge Cup hopes were crushed by Clermont. Richie Murphy’s men were demolished in the second half after a pretty decent first half showing leaving fans and players feeling a bit shell shocked. Richie’s still at the wheel though and he needs time. He’s been parachuted in to a difficult situation and our new head coach and his squad need the backing of supporters. Depending on who you listen to in the Ulster camp we were either wrong to have such high expectations of the lads or we’re actually not to far away from clicking and we just need to fix a few things. Maybe we should just enjoy the last few games without hope or expectation and see how we get on? I’ve maybe lost all ambition for this season, but I am genuinely optimistic about the changes Ulster have made. Here to wrestle with some of the big Ulster rugby questions I’m joined by usual panelists Ian, Nathan and special guest this week is Cardiff fan and podcaster with the Wrap Podcast and Cardiff Central Podcast Harley Worthy.

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