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Gareth Averill

U2-Y follows the design story of one of the biggest bands in rock and roll history.

It aims to celebrate a unique relationship; The creative partnership between designer/art director Steve Averill and the band U2.

This collaboration thrived and endured for over four and a half decades.

Before the sleeves, before any poster or visual ephemera, came the name itself. Steve gave them this name.

'U2'. A letter and a number. We will explore how the name itself became a monolith of design, whether it’s use is dominant or invisible.

Just the 2ofUs.

Steve is guided through the story of his career by his son, giving the series a unique and personal tone.

‘In recent years, I became fascinated by the idea of this creative collaboration enduring for such a long time', Gareth Anton Averill says.

The relationship that my father had with U2 was unique. I recognise this as being one of the longest-running creative relationships in music history, if not any creative or cultural industry.

I believe this is worth exploring and celebrating and asking the question, 'Why?’.

Alongside Steve's personal story, U2Y delves deep into design specifics. Topics discussed include the process of the pre-digital age, early computer-aided design, the advent of the Compact Disc and the explosion of promotional materials.

In essence, U2-Y tells the story of one of the biggest bands in the world from a different perspective; the record sleeve.

From Punk to Pop.

The story begins in 1977 with the Cultural explosion that was punk. Ireland's first punk group, 'The Radiators From Space', founded and fronted by Steve (Rapid), was the catalyst for his connection with U2.

The U2-Y Podcast will examine an album per episode. It begins with the invention of the name, 'U2' itself. It then journeys through each major campaign, up to and including the hyper-vivid years of the Pop album and Pop-mart tour.

Out now:

Episode 1 - Introduction

Episode 2 - Boy

Episode 3 - October

Coming Soon:

May 8th - Episode 4 - War

May 15th - Episode 5 - Unforgettable Fire

May 29th - Episode 6 - The Joshua Tree

TBC - Episode 7 - Achtung Baby

TBC - Episode 8 - Pop

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