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Overcoming Crippling Codependency, feat. Taylor Tippett [S05-006]

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Let’s face it...people are complicated. Our personalities are shaped by multiple factors, including temperament, character, environment, and life experiences. But when we dig in and really learn to understand ourselves better, we not only connect with others with more kindness and empathy, but we begin to see the beauty that arises when we live as our true selves.

Today’s guest, Taylor Tippett is a great example of how this plays out.  Taylor is a flight attendant nationally known for leaving random notes of kindness on airplanes to make people’s day. She joins me in an open conversation about how the Enneagram has helped her love herself better and the impact it has had on her personal journey of growth.   

In this conversation, you’ll discover: 

  • how codependency can show up for an Enneagram 7

  • ways anxiety and control can influence our personalities, and 

  • the importance of showing up just as we are

We also make a special announcement today you won’t want to miss!  

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    In this special episode, Anthony and I drop by the studio to talk about my new book, The Story of You, and what motivated me to write it.  We all craft a story about who we are and how the world works as little people. Then, as we grow older, we think of our lives as a movie we’re in that’s unfolding in real-time. But the narrative we crafted as children no longer works for us as adults. But how do we change that story? The Enneagram teaches that there are nine archetypal stories that people tend to inhabit. However, the true gift of the Enneagram is its ability to help us challenge those self-limiting stories and move into a new narrative.   In this episode, I identify the self-limiting story of each type and explain the 4 stage process for transformation so you can become your authentic self.
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    James Clear Discusses Personality Styles and Atomic Habits [S05-018]


    We all have stories that we tell ourselves and others about who we are and how we think the world works. Our daily behaviors and habits follow suit. Part of changing our automatic behaviors is by interrogating and changing the stories that no longer serve us.  Today’s guest, writer James Clear, joins me to talk about how he became the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Atomic Habits, and delves into the relationship between personality styles and habits.  In this episode we: Explore what sparked his interest in the topic of habits Identify the 4 actionable steps to breaking bad habits and building new ones Take a practical look into the four laws of behavior change James is a regular speaker at Fortune 500 companies and his work has been featured in places like Time magazine, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and on CBS This Morning. His popular “3-2-1” email newsletter is sent out each week to more than 1 million subscribers.
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    REPLAY: Is Your Story True? Exploring Narrative Through the Enneagram [S05-017]


    Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “What if the story I tell myself and others about who I am and who I'm becoming isn't true?”  As children, we all construct stories, or narratives, to help make sense of our environment. These childhood interpretations set in motion the patterns of behavior that shape our personality…or how we show up for life.  But, when you can understand the false story around which you have organized your life, then you can begin to play with that story a bit to find your true story. And, though you can’t change the facts of what has happened in your life, you can change the way you interpret them.   The truth is, that if you want to experience enduring transformation, you have to discover your false story, decouple yourself from it and begin to live the truth of your new story. In today’s episode, we’ll walk through the false “stories” that each Enneagram type needs to let go of in order to allow your true self to emerge.  
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    Master Class: The Challenger Moving to Grace, feat. Kirsten Powers


    CNN senior political analyst and USA Today columnist, Kirsten Powers, is back to talk about her new book, Saving Grace: Speak Your Truth, Stay Centered, and Learn to Coexist with People who Drive You Nuts. We explore her journey of moving from an unhealthy Eight—full of judgment, shaming, and blaming—to a healthy Eight with the capacity to extend grace towards those who hold opposing views without sacrificing her values and passionate beliefs.  In this episode, Kirsten walks us through the tools we can all use to become less enraged and more gracious people in the world. She shares her insights into: What grace is and what it isn't Setting boundaries to show others how to be in a relationship with you Learning how to have healthy conflict Developing humility to cultivate more empathy for others Seeing the humanity of others even when opinions clash This conversation is not just for Eights; it's for all of us. It's a master class in better relating to those we disagree with while embodying the best expression ourselves.  
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    Aging Faithfully with Alice and Bob Fryling [S04-015]


    Alice and Bob Fryling join me for a wonderful conversation about aging together faithfully. This show is for people of all ages as we talk about better understanding and relating to our older friends, family members, and coworkers.  We also explore their knowledge of the Enneagram. Both Bob and Alice provide deep insights into how they navigate their differences throughout their 50 years of marriage, ways they support each other and work with the Enneagram to uncover their blindspots, and walking through challenging spaces as they grow older together.
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    Exploring the Soul of the Enneagram Eight w/Kayla Craig [S05-014]


    The Enneagram tells us that there are nine basic personality types, one of which we each gravitate towards in childhood.  But if you dig a little deeper, each type actually has three instinctual variants called subtypes that help explain why people of the same type can look so different.  For each type, there is the self-preservation subtype, social subtype, and the one-to-one subtype. Today’s guest, former journalist Kayla Craig, joins me in a conversation about how understanding her subtype as a social Eight has illuminated different aspects of her personality and influenced her interactions with her family and others.  She provides wonderful insight into her relationship with emotions and what the soul of an Eight looks like. We also explore: the distinctive characteristics of the social Eight subtype vs. the self-preservation and one-to-one subtypes why social Eights can be mistyped as Enneagram Twos, and the transformational journey for Eights This episode is chock full of wisdom. You're going to love it!
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    Author John Driver on Honest Conversations about Race and Faith [S02-013]


    John Driver is an award-winning writer and collaborator of more than twenty-five books.  In our conversation, we explore how understanding himself through the lens of the counterphobic Six has impacted his relationships with others, his work in ministry, and his writing. We also discuss his new book, Not So Black and White: An invitation to honest conversations about race and faith.  He shares how being a counterphobic Six impacted the writing of his book, why it’s so important to open the doors to honest and engaging conversations about race and faith, and touches on whether the Enneagram can help inform the conversation around racism.  A former teacher with a history degree from the University of Tennessee, John lives near Nashville with his wife, Laura, and their daughter, Sadie. He serves as the executive and teaching pastor at The Church at Pleasant Grove and hosts the weekly podcast Talk About That.
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    Enneagram Mailbag: Ian Answers Your Questions [S05-012]


    I receive so many questions from our listeners via email and social media that I don’t get to respond to them all. But I want you to know I’m paying attention!  So, this week, Anthony pulls a few more audience questions for me to answer. This time I share a few tips for parenting an Enneagram 4, introduce the concept of Enneagram harmonic groups, and explore the similarities and distinctions between Types 1 and 3. Tune in to hear our discussion on these topics, plus a few more.  And for a chance to have your questions answered on-air, leave us a comment on social or email us at [email protected]
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    Healing from Past Sufferings, feat. Dr. Dan Allender [S05-011]


    How has your past uniquely prepared you to experience more joy? Dr. Dan Allender and I explore this question today in an insightful conversation about healing the heart from trauma, rewriting the broken stories we adopt as children and the overlap with the Enneagram.   Professor of counseling psychology at The Seattle School and founder of The Allender Center, Dr. Dan Allender has pioneered a unique therapy centered around his innovative theory and training in transforming betrayal, ambivalence, and powerlessness into faith, hope, and love. He’s a popular podcaster on The Allender Center Podcast and the author of Healing the Wondered Heart, The Wounded Heart, The Healing Path, To Be Told and God Loves Sex, and Redeeming Heartache: How Past Suffering Reveals Our True Calling. Learn more about Dr. Allender at https://theallendercenter.org or follow him @allendercenter on Facebook and Instagram.
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    Amy Porterfield on the Gifts of Self-Awareness [S05-010]


    We’ve got another great guest for you today.  Amy Porterfield, host of the top-ranked podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, joins me for an insightful conversation about using the Enneagram to illuminate certain aspects of her personality, the benefits of using the Enneagram in the workplace, and how understanding your blindspots fosters empathy and compassion for others.  In this episode, we also cover:  The subtypes of an Enneagram Two,  The gifts of self-awareness, and How she performs under stress Amy is known for teaching business owners, educators, and entrepreneurs the profitable strategies and action steps for building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses, and using online marketing strategies to sell with ease. Learn more about Amy by visiting https://www.amyporterfield.com or following her on Instagram. 

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