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Bern, Nikki, Inye, and VP | BUNK Collective

Let's talk about anything and everything under the sun, moon, and stars! An improv comedy podcast about astrology, misadventures, and the powers within the universe.
Tsaastrology is part of the BUNK Collective. Discover more podcasts at thebunkph.com and connect with us through social media @thebunkph | Support this podcast through patreon.com/thebunkph to receive special perks! | For inquiries, e-mail us at tsaastrology@thebunkph.com

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  • Tsaastrology podcast

    7.15 Tsaa: Tenth House - CAREER


    Serious mode yarn? Syempre Tenth House so kailangan... Career. This episode takes the Midheaven placement into not wide but deep places para malaman mo kung ano bang legacy mo sa mundong ibabaw.
  • Tsaastrology podcast

    7.14 Tsaa: Ninth House - PHILOSOPHY


    Hardcore 'tong episode na ito. What is the Ninth House nga ba and ano'ng magandang OnlyFans handle? Let's explore the House ruled by Sagittarius and how we handle the search for the meaning of life.
  • Tsaastrology podcast

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  • Tsaastrology podcast

    7.13 Tsaa: Eighth House - TRANSFORMATION


    Sex, death, and rebirth. The cylce of changes in life and how we deal with it. 'Yan ang topic ng episode na ito tapos konti na lang magku-quit na si VP at Bern dahil anlala ng mga house placements nila.
  • Tsaastrology podcast

    7.12 Tsaa: Seventh House - RELATIONSHIPS


    Ahhhh... relationships. Ang topic na hindi kailanman pagsasawaan ng aming listeners. So, fine, alamin natin ang house na determinant ng compatibility at kung bakit panget tayong ka-bonding lahat.
  • Tsaastrology podcast

    7.10 Tsaa: Sixth House - HEALTH


    Sabi nga nila, "health is wealth" at mas mage-gets niyo ang kasabihan na 'yan sa episode na ito. At ang masasabi lang din namin ay... LAVARN!
  • Tsaastrology podcast

    7.08 Tsaa: Fifth House - PLEASURE


    Pambawi sa mabigat naming episode last week etong sabaw episode na 'to. We hope it makes you feel good dahil ang Fifth House is the House of Pleasure. Hindi, hindi beerhouse. 'Wag kang ano, bukas pa ang Puregold.
  • Tsaastrology podcast

    7.06 Tsaa: Fourth House - HOME & FAMILY


    Okay, walang funny caption. CONTENT WARNING: This episode might be triggering for some people who have experienced childhood trauma. If this is something you are not comfortable discussing/listening to, please skip this episode. And as always, seek the help of a mental health professional to deal with and process these issues properly.
  • Tsaastrology podcast

    7.04 Tsaa: Third House - COMMUNICATION


    ITIS WATITIS. Sabi ni Bern yan na daw yung caption. Play mo nalang, please.
  • Tsaastrology podcast

    7.03 Tsaa: Second House - VALUES


    Gusto niyo ng maja blanca? The Tsaastrologers discuss the Second Astrological House of Concrete Values and ano nga ba ang value nito sa mga vina-value mo na value. Pero 'di nga, gusto mo ng maja?
  • Tsaastrology podcast

    7.02 Tsaa: First House - SELF


    Syempre umpisahan natin sa umpisa. VP, Nikki, Inye, and Bern will talk about the First Astrological House of the Self aka the Ascendant aka the Rising sign and kung bakit ito ang pinaka-importanteng malaman mo. Dagdag na din natin ang favorite KPOP song ni VP.

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