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Hosted by comedy writer Nate Dern, each episode interviews someone trying something new. It's dedicated to all of those who get outside of their comfort zone and try something different, learn a skill, or just experience something new. The topics range from the silly (eating a ghost pepper or learning to roller skate) to the serious (saving endangered wolves or changing how elections work). Nate is a comedy writer and a sociologist, so each episode tries to make you laugh and hopefully make you learn something, too. Nate writes for The Tonight Show and is the author of the book "Not Quite a Genius." Whatever it is you're trying to do, I hope you keep on trying.

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  • Try! with Nate Dern podcast

    Michael Cruz Kayne Is Trying To Give Parenting Advice


    Michael Cruz Kayne is a stand-up comedian, a writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and host of the podcast A Good Cry, where he talks about grief by sharing the experience of the loss of his infant son in order to talk with others who have lost loved ones about the grief podcast. He's a beautiful human and a good father. Since this is the first episodes of the podcast that I've recorded since the birth of my daughter Clover six weeks ago, I decided to insist that Michael try to give me parenting advice, so that's what today's episode is all about. We talk about the Philip Larkin poem "This Be The Verse" and Michael wonders if from day one parenting is just the most beautiful trauma. Give it a listen! Michael's podcast "A Good Cry": My sister Courtney's parenting Instagram:
  • Try! with Nate Dern podcast

    Rachel Wenitsky Is Trying To Keep Her Plants Alive


    Rachel Wenitsky (Friend Who Folk, Good Dogs on a Bad Day) is a comedy writer, a talented actor, an amazing singer and — dare I say — a good friend. But on this episode of the Try! podcast, we don't talk about any of that, we just talk about her recent passion for cultivating plants in her house. After a lack of plant survival success in Brooklyn, Rachel has found her green thumb taking care of over 50 plants in her new home in Los Angeles. We ask the question "Do indoor plants actually clean the air?" but for that answer, you'll just have to listen to the episode.
  • Try! with Nate Dern podcast

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  • Try! with Nate Dern podcast

    Arthur Meyer Is Trying To Play Piano


    Comedy writer Arthur Meyer started taking piano lessons in December of 2019 after he left his job writing for The Tonight Show. I interviewed him then, and a year and a half later I interviewed him again to check in on his progress. We discuss how it's important to have a hobby, and how it can be fun to suck at something for a while. I also interview Arthur's piano teacher Nathan Reising to get his perspective on trying to learn something new, and the importance of enjoying the process of learning itself. For more Arthur Meyer, check out: For Nathan Reising's piano lessons, check out:
  • Try! with Nate Dern podcast

    Miranda Erokan Is Trying To Get Pregnant


    In this special episode that covers the last three years of our life, I talk to my wife Miranda Erokan about the process of trying to get pregnant and our journey at a fertility clinic. Miranda is a postpartum doula and childcare expert with lots of experience caring for infants and young children, she's loved babies since she was a baby herself, and she's known her whole life that she wanted to be a mother one day. So, it caught her (and me) by surprise when trying to get pregnant was met with unexplained infertility. Fair warning, in this episode, we talk about a variety of topics related to pregnancy and infertility that can get heavy at times, including: sex, reproductive organs, fertility clinics and IVF, and pregnancy loss. To learn more about Miranda's postpartum services in the Los Angeles area and online, visit her website: Or find her on Instagram: @miranda_erokan Additional music for this special episode from Steady Holiday:
  • Try! with Nate Dern podcast

    Jess Dweck Is Trying To Try Something


    Jess Dweck is a comedy writer (Big Mouth, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Tonight Show) and in this episode we talk about her many attempts trying to try something new during the pandemic, from cooking to playing the ukulele to rollerblading. We discuss Jenny Odell's book "How To Do Nothing" and playwright Tracy Letts' comment on coming to terms with feeling creatively lost the past year. Also, we both agree on the power of making a daily walk be a part of your routine. Please, follow Jess Dweck on Twitter:
  • Try! with Nate Dern podcast

    Steady Holiday Is Trying To Release An Album


    Dre Babinski is a Los Angeles-based actor, singer and songwriter that you also might know as the indie-pop musical artist Steady Holiday. In this episode, I talk to Dre about what it took to self-produce and release her new album "Take The Corners Gently." We get into how paradoxically focusing on the business side of being a creative can free you up to be less precious and more relaxed about the artistic part of being, well, an artist. And I play a few Steady Holiday songs. Take a listen, ya goof! For more Steady Holiday, check out: (
  • Try! with Nate Dern podcast

    Avery Monsen Is Trying To Promote His Book


    Avery Monsen (author of "All My Friends Are Dead") wrote a new children's book called "I Am The Longest Dog." Now he has to figure out how to promote the book so people know about it and maybe, just maybe, will also buy it. We talk about how it feels gross to have to promote something at all, and trying to tackle it as a problem to be solved analytically, while struggling to come to terms with the reality that the success of any piece of art is outside of the control of its original creator. I bring up my own experience publishing and then trying to promote a book. "I Am The Longest Dog" is out now:
  • Try! with Nate Dern podcast

    Karen Chee Is Trying To Watch New Movies


    In this episode, I talk with comedy writer Karen Chee (Late Night With Seth Meyers) about trying to watch new movies, when really her deeper desire is just to rewatch the same ten or so movies from the "Karen Chee Cinematic Universe" that she knows she will love and be comforted by, such as "Paddington 2." (
  • Try! with Nate Dern podcast

    Will Hines Is Trying To Play Video Games


    Will Hines is an improv teacher and actor who lives in Los Angeles, and this past year he has been trying to finish a series of video games to 100 percent completion, including the cowboy survival story of Red Dead Redemption 2. We talk about the addictive quality of video games, how time just seems to disappear while playing, and yet how moving and immersive of an experience they can provide. For more Will Hines, check out one of his podcasts, like "I Will Write Your Book" or "Screw It, We're Just Going To Talk About Comics": (
  • Try! with Nate Dern podcast

    Jon Gabrus Is Trying To Read More


    Today's guest is Jon Gabrus, a comedian (MTV's Guy Code, Comedy Bang! Bang!, TVLand's Younger) and a podcast expert (High and Mighty, ActionBoyz, Raised By TV). He is from Long Island. But we don't talk about that stuff. Instead, we talk about something Gabrus is trying to do: read more. Gabrus is both a nerd and a meathead, and we talk about how fantasy books by R.A. Salvatore got him into reading, and Stephen King's "The Stand" taught him that he could conquer any book he set his mind to. We talk about how to make time for reading when surrounded by distractions, and Gabrus recommends a couple books to check out if you're looking to get excited about reading again. This is the final "Try!" podcast of 2020, we'll see you in 2021 with more new episodes.

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