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Life Lessons from Taylor Swift

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Love her or not, Taylor Swift is a force to be reckoned with. She has broken nearly every record the music industry has to offer, named Time woman of the year, Forbes most powerful woman, and has more fans than all of the NFL teams combined. When our daughters became swifties I couldn't help but do a deep dive into who is this powerhouse of a woman. I wanted to know how she got to where she is today. Was she born lucky? Was she at the right place at the right time?    The past few months I have learned all things Taylor Swift and realized there is much to be learned from her, so I recorded a podcast episode about it!  I'll unpack 
  • Why and how people tried to undermine her success.
  • How she went door to door in Nashville asking for a record deal at the age of ELEVEN
  • How she was sued for 5 million dollars, countersued for $1 and WON! 
  Here is a fun episode of what we can learn from Taylor Swift and even finding Jesus in some of her lyrics. I hope you enjoy!


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