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Travel industry veteran Shane Whaley talks with tour/activities business owners and managers. He uncovers their personal stories on how they got started, dealt with challenges and achieved success. Tourpreneurs open up and share their tips, insights, morning routines, resources, inspiration and success stories with you. We even talk about nightmare situations and how they were overcome. If you operate a tour business or plan on starting one, this podcast is for you.

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    11 Tour Operators Reveal the One ‘Game Changer’ Skill They Want to Focus on in 2022 to grow their business.


    It's January, a time for new years resolutions and goal setting. In today's episode, Tourpreneur Host Shane Whaley asked 11 activity and tour operators what one skill or competency they are focusing on to grow their business in 2022. If you are able to help our guests with advice on where they can master that skill or competency please share your thoughts with them and others in our online community. Shane also shares why he made the decision to attend Arival San Diego and reveals new features coming soon to Tourpreneur. If you enjoyed today's episode please consider giving us a rating and review on your podcast app and sharing it with your peers. 
  • Tourpreneur podcast

    How AI Chatbots Helped This Tour Operator Earn $60k in Tour Bookings.


    Should we be using AI Chatbots for our tour business? Listen to an extract of an interview with Evan Tipton of TOMIS who explains how Billy of Arkansas River Tours is taking advantage of AI Chatbots to generate over $60k in bookings. Billy also shares with us how AI Chatbot is helping his tour business to become more efficient.
  • Tourpreneur podcast

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  • Tourpreneur podcast

    Tour Operators as Conduits of History & Culture with Michael Idriss (165)


    Our guests discuss how tour operators can facilitate conversations toward understanding diverse history. They also explore how tour operators can discuss historical issues on tours effectively and safely. They consider engaging travelers who discover an unpleasant aspect of their ancestors’ history while on a historical tour. Or podcast guests also highlight why running tours is a distinct art form in itself and underscore how She Shapes History strives to encourage people to engage in the democratic process.
  • Tourpreneur podcast

    Tour Operator Round Table – What We Learned at Tourism Innovation Summit – TIS Seville


    Today on Tourpreneur we hear from three listeners who attended the TIS Seville. What did they learn? And what are they going to do differently in their businesses as a result of attending? TIS is a new one for me so here is the official blurb. 'Tourism Innovation Summit is aimed to help tourism and travel industry to face all those short and long-term challenges. Seville will host again three days of disruptive masterclasses where success stories of travel are going on stage. Digitalization and innovation will be main discussion and plenty of solutions will be presented to the tourism industry to address these challenges. An event to find the right partners to evolve their digital strategies and implement them. A wide variety of technologies will be showcased in order to help tourism businesses become more competitive and, more importantly, restart the new ways of travel. There are many buzzwords here so we thought it would be useful to get the lowdown on this event from three tourpreneurs who attended TIS and Arival @TIS   We have two first time guests on the show today, please welcome Filipa Loule Founder at Portuguese For a Day Tours Jon French - Regional Sales Manager, and let's welcome back Peter Syme, Tourpreneur, adventurer, and digital transformation expert
  • Tourpreneur podcast

    Digital Marketing Tips for Tour Operators with TOMIS


    Evan, Billy, and Amada discuss digital marketing tips for tour operators, SEO best practices, Google Ads, and customer communications. They explore how by integrating AI chatbots, SMS chat, and live chat systems tour operators can enhance the customer communication experience. They share their advice for collaborating with marketing agencies and highlight why making your website mobile user-friendly is crucial. Evan Tipton of TOMIS also explains what Google Core Vitals are and underscores why tour operators shouldn’t shortchange themselves on website hosting.
  • Tourpreneur podcast

    Round Table - Facebook Marketing and Social Media tips for tour operators with TMA


    Social media expert, Social Tonic's Shawn Teasley is joined by tourism  marketing expert Chris Torres along with tour operators Alan, and Amber to discuss the fine details of Facebook marketing for tour operators. They discuss the top three things tour operators should know before working with marketing agencies and demystify the secrets behind making impactful Facebook ads for tour operators. They highlight the importance of keeping social media profiles active—especially during the pandemic. They also consider how tour operators should spend their advertising money beyond Facebook ads and underscore the role of communication in collaborating with tour marketing agencies.
  • Tourpreneur podcast

    Expanding Your Tour Brand through Podcasting with Danielle Desir


    In this episode of the Tour Operator Start-Up Series, Sita, Ripley, and Danielle Desir discuss how to build a podcast to expand your brand. They break down the basics of creating a podcast and how Tour Operators can use it to generate passive income. They brainstorm how Sita and Ripley can go back to their brand’s roots to develop podcast content aligned with their company’s mission and values. They also consider the different characteristics that make a great podcast and the importance of cultivating a community around content.
  • Tourpreneur podcast

    SEO Tips for Tour Operators with Dorene Wharton


    In part 5 of our blogging for tour operators guide, tourism marketing expert Dorene Wharton joins us to share her secrets to writing successful SEO-friendly blog posts. She explains why Google keeps changing its algorithms. She discusses how tour operators can successfully navigate Google’s E-A-T guidelines and shares her best practices for keyword researching. She offers advice for writing the best titles for blog posts and her favorite SEO tools. Check out Dorene's SEO for tour operators Checklist Dorene also highlights how bloggers can leverage external and internal links to get higher page rankings and underscores the importance of building trust and credibility in blog posts.
  • Tourpreneur podcast

    First-hand tips for buying or selling a tour business with Trish Higgins


    Trish Higgins bought Cap’n Fish’s cruises in idyllic Boothbay Harbor, Maine: known for its puffins, whale-watching, and picturesque lighthouses. So what could go wrong? For starters, she signed the docs for her new tour business just days before the COVID-19 epidemic shut down most of the country, adding a totally new and unforeseen obstacle to tour operations, planning, and staff communication. But needless to say, Trish was determined to make the best of it and help the team at Cap’n Fish - a family-run business that had been around since the 1930’s - to reach their full potential. And we’re all about tackling challenges head first, and sharing those experiences when we live to tell the tale. So if you’re curious how Trish managed to help Cap’n Fish thrive, even during a pandemic, here are some of her key takeaways. She shared some first-hand tips for anyone who might consider purchasing (or selling) a tour business of their own.
  • Tourpreneur podcast

    How to leverage social media as marketing tools to attract attention for your tours


    In this episode of the Tour Operator Start-Up Series, Sita, Ripley, and Nancy  discuss how She Shapes History Tours can leverage social media as marketing tools to attract attention. They explore how Sita and Ripley can use their values and advocacy for social media to create content that will engage their demographic audience. They discuss different ways to brainstorm for social media content and how they can manage time between running digital marketing and the other aspects of She Shapes History. Sita and Ripley also describe what they learned from the success of their launch and share the next steps they plan to take for She Shapes History.  

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