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An Audible Arrangement and Workout Woes

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This week the delightful Jackie Kashian of The Jackie and Laurie Show is filling in for Annabelle. House has a victory so tiny she’s almost embarrassed to bring it up, but Tiny Victories is a shame-free zone, so her tiny victory about working out may actually inspire a listener or two. 

Jackie takes advantage of an Audible arrangement she has with her brother so she can consume her literature in a very specific way that works for her. It involves the same title, multiple formats.

Things You Should Stop Worrying About This Week

Rats getting a bad rap


My shillelagh getting confiscated by TSA


Do YOU have a tiny victory to share? 

Call the Tiny Victories Hotline: (323) 285-1675

We want folks to share their tiny victories on our hotline because, frankly, we’ll assume we’re just talking into the void every week and nothing matters. Prove us wrong. Did you finally do that thing you were putting off? Tiny victory! Reconnect with someone you haven’t been in touch with for ages? Victory! We only ask that you try to keep messages to under a minute so we’re able to play it on the show.

If you prefer, you can record a tiny victory on your phone and then email us the audio. 

Email: [email protected]






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