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Ep 34: DJing Is Good For You

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My four years of college I dated the campus local DJ. I loved watching him practice, not just because of the stars in my eyes, but I also love seeing artists practice their craft and seeing what all goes into it. Good DJing is a skill, it is an actual skill. Just go to YouTube, type in ‘turntablism,’ and just watch magic happen. My guest today is H Drew Blackburn, a writer and yes, a DJ, and he's going to get into all things DJing and how it brings peace into his life.



Nichole recommends specificity.



  1. Drew Blackburn is a writer whose work has been published by GQ, Texas Monthly, Dallas Morning News, Deadspin, Complex, and more. He’s based in Texas, creeping, crawling, balling, in the mix. 


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