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Ep 33: Former Boy Band Fandom Is Good For You

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I recently took a break from listening to my boo Hozier so much. I had started feeling self-conscious about how often I was listening to him, and how I felt like I knew him even though we had never met. Today’s guest knows all about what happens when fandom can get a little extra, and we got into all the good and bad parts of the parasocial relationship that happens between artists and their audiences.



Nichole recommends being a digital tourist!



Vanessa Willoughby is an editor and writer. Her bylines include but are not limited to Bitch Media, the New York Times, and BookPage.


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Nichole Perkins wants people to stop feeling bad about feeling good, and This Is Good For You lets you know you are never alone in what you like. Every episode, Nichole explores something that people love—whether it’s needlepoint, watching bad movies with friends, or cowgirl exercise classes—and asks experts and devotees why it makes them happy. She ends each show with an Indulgence: a recommendation that listeners can enjoy with no remorse. There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure when you learn to love it freely! To find out what’s good for you, listen to new episodes every other Friday.

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