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2024 Spanish GP Preview - The bar is low!

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Ok, Spain, give us your best. Please. Just a little something. Please.

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Jesse - @jesseoncars on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube and writing for Classic Car Weekly.

The Podcast - @theundercutpodcast on Instagram and TikTok

Thiemo - Is It Fast, On The Kerbs and Paddock Sorority.

Ellie-May - Having a big lay down.


0:00 - Introduction and Cat Talk

3:34 - The FIA is going to Rwanda?

5:28 - Williams now has a head of aerodynamics!

9:24 - The F1 Movie has a release date!

12:26 - The F1 Exhibition is coming to London!

13:01 - The merry-go-round at Arrow McLaren still turns

18:09 - Gossip Corner

19:53 - Ollie Bearman is back once more!

23:57 - Fun Facts going into Spain

28:58 - Predictions

38:57 - Conclusion

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