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2024 Miami Grand Prix Preview - Odds on, it'll suck?

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Ok, Miami. Let’s just deal with the reality that it’s going to be a bit meh. But, there’s plenty of news in this one! So join the team as they sit down to pick apart all the news from F1 and a bit beyond.


We’re not sure why Jesse’s audio opens up so crackly, eventually he’ll be able to afford a microphone.


Kimi still holds the record for most races between wins, 114, 2013 Australian GP to 2018 United States GP. Alonso last won in Spain in 2013. Going into Miami he has raced 181 races with no wins since then, assuming Jesse’s counting is correct.

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Thiemo - Is It Fast, On The Kerbs and Paddock Sorority.


0:00 - Introduction

0:55 - Ferrari has a new sponsor and a pants livery

1:59 - Newey is free of the Red Bull shackles!

15:05 - Nico Hulkenberg is moving from Haas to Audi!

18:59 - Aston Martin are looking to overturn Alonso’s penalty from China

21:04 - FE have some interesting names lined up for their rookie tests!

23:12 - Taylor Barnard had a good weekend in FE

24:16 - Theo Pourchaire had a decent time of things in IndyCar amidst all its turmoil!

28:33 - Richard Petty is coming back to Goodwood!

28:57 - Guenther Steiner has filed a lawsuit against Haas!

32:05 - F1 Academy’s latest wildcard is a more fitting pick?

34:26 - Andretti has been to Congress about not being allowed into F1

37:35 - Miami fun facts? If at all, any?

38:58 - Predictions

46:26 - Conclusion

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