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2024 Japanese Grand Prix Preview

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We’ve had the prelude, we’ve had the pukka season opener, and we’re already at Japan! But don’t worry, you haven’t missed the majority of the season, Japan is just at this end of the calendar to streamline logistics as F1 stumbles towards a common sense-led calendar.

We’re joined again by Lower Laptime’s Martin Villari to preview the Japanese GP and sift through the news ahead of the racing action in Suzuka.

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Find the Crew:

Jesse - @jesseoncars on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube and writing for Classic Car Weekly.

Martin Villari - and @lowerlaptime on Instagram.

The Podcast - @theundercutpodcast on Instagram and TikTok

Thiemo - Is It Fast, On The Kerbs and Paddock Sorority.


0:00 - Introduction

1:31 - Kimi Antonelli to drive for Mercedes… in a private test in Austria.

5:05 - Iwasa to replace Ricciardo… in FP1

9:41 - Chatter continues around Danny Ric’s seat

19:16 - Is Perez for the chop?

21:30 - McLaren have seen yet more line-up shifts

23:55 - The Champions of the Future karting series has kicked off

30:39 - Japanese GP Fun Fact

31:24 - Predictions

47:51 - Final points and weather talk

52:21 - Conclusion

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