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050: How an IVF Journey Led to the Creation of the Cleanest Toothpaste with Kori Estrada Co-Founder of RiseWell

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Kori Estrada, co-founder of RiseWell is disrupting the oral care industry with an all-natural, sustainable brand that prioritizes safe ingredients and transparency. Driven by her personal experiences with celiac disease and IVF struggles, Kori's dedication to overall health and wellness led her, along with two other partners to create dentist-formulated products that are free from harmful chemicals like fluoride, sulfates, and synthetic additives.

In our conversation, we get into the details of Kori’s IVF journey, the importance of using clean wellness products in and on your body during pregnancy. We discuss the confusion about fluoride and why it's harmful to your health. Learn what hydroxyapatite toothpaste is and how it can transform your teeth and oral health. Also, learn why your toothpaste shouldn’t foam, how to choose a safer floss, and the importance of getting your kids to start brushing their teeth early and how you can support them! 

Highlights from this episode:

  • A ketogenic diet improves PCOS & fertility
  • Kori’s IVF journey
  • Healthy tips to increase your IVF success
  • Creating RiseWell non-toxic oral care products
  • The negative effects of fluoride
  • What is hydroxyapatite?
  • Xylitol improves oral health
  • Top ingredients to avoid in toothpaste!
  • Is glycerin in toothpaste a concern?
  • The challenge with clay-based toothpaste
  • Brushing tips for babies to big kids
  • Use teflon-free floss
  • Spreading holistic oral care awareness

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