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046: Getting to the Root of Eczema and How to Heal Naturally with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple (The Eczema Lady)

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In this episode, I am chatting with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple (The Eczema Lady), a board-certified pediatrician. She has been treating kids for 18+ years, practicing in a traditional model for 10 years until transitioning to a holistic approach where she has changed thousands of children's lives. She is known for her extensive experience in the treatment of eczema and other childhood autoimmune diseases.

In our conversation today, I am sharing my experience dealing with my son's eczema. We discuss all the factors we have control over in addition to the ones we don't. The impact of gluten, dairy, histamine-containing foods, antibiotics, and why topical steroids are not the answer to heal eczema long-term. You will learn so much from this conversation, and I hope it helps many families dealing with eczema. 

Highlights from this episode:

  • Could mold and yeast be causing eczema?
  • Hypochlorous acid is good for eczema
  • Dr. Ana-Maria’s approach to cutting out dairy & eggs
  • Foods high in histamines
  • Supplement recommendations for eczema
  • What age does eczema start in kids?
  • Pregnancy is an inflammatory condition
  • Steroid creams don’t heal the root cause
  • The long-term impact of antibiotic use
  • Red light therapy for treating eczema

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