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Secrets exist in the wilderness just outside Taos, New Mexico. A strange land of cryptid encounters, UFO Sightings, enigmatic vibrations, hidden treasures, missing persons, and dark shadows hiding just behind your back... waiting for their moment and when it comes... your family and your friends will never see you again. An amateur podcaster disappears while searching for the legendary Forrest Fenn Treasure. A disgraced former sportscaster attempts to uncover the truth only to find that everyone has their own story to tell. The Subjective Truth is part treasure hunt, part paranormal docudrama, and part True Crime satire. Written & Created by Jeremy Ellett. Starring Addison Peacock. Vocal Direction by Danyelle Ellett. Original Music provided by Bajio Alvarado. Sound Direction & Design by Jeremy Ellett.

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  • The Subjective Truth podcast

    Introducing: The Land Whale Murders


    Today on the Good Pointe feeds we’re delighted to share the pilot episode of The Land Whale Murders. The Land Whale Murders, is a fast and funny alternate history podcast about murders, birders, and a missing whale. We're excited to dive into such a creative and unique concept. And to top it all off, The Land Whale Murders boasts one of the most impressive Cast & Crew rosters in Audio Fiction. You can find and listen to The Land Whale Murders at or anywhere you listen to podcasts!
  • The Subjective Truth podcast

    INTRODUCING: The Vanishing Act


    Today we’d like to share the pilot episode of an indie audio fiction series we’re just a tad bit obsessed with. We’re of course, talking about the historical satire The Vanishing Act. All at once, The Vanishing Act manages to be a farce, a heist, a con, a murder mystery, and a disappearing act. The series finds a slew of off-color characters at odds with art, fame, magic, and history. Follow TVA on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr @vanishingpod. Episode transcripts are available on
  • The Subjective Truth podcast

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  • The Subjective Truth podcast

    INTRODUCING: Windfall


    This week we’d like to share with you the pilot episode of Windfall.  This isn’t just another audio fiction show I love… Windfall is my FAVORITE show. No hyperbole. Windfall tells the story of two low-level criminal enforcers navigating life on the surface of a giant city while being hounded by the Wolfpac... the cult-like police force of the city's god-queen. Listen to the Pilot episode “Bottom Feeder” here.  And please support the creation of Windfall Season 2 at:
  • The Subjective Truth podcast

    INTRODUCING: Forgive Me!


    We're back again with another new fiction series we think you'll love.  Father Ben left New York in cover of night for the quiet pastures of St. Patricks, but he soon finds himself butting heads with the eccentric parishioners who come to him seeking solace and advice. Forgive Me! is as humorous as it is heartbreaking and insightful. Today we’re honored to feature the pilot for Forgive Me! “The Simple Joy of It”  Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. For more information follow @forgivemeshow
  • The Subjective Truth podcast

    INTRODUCING: Someone Dies in This Elevator


    We'd like to share a preview for a new Audio Fiction series made by some of our friends. It's called, Someone Dies in This Elevator. A spoiler driven anthology series, where there is always an elevator and someone always dies in it— but everything else is different. In this preview episode, “A Historian enters the Elevator of the HMR Spaceship Marigold, but be warned. Someone Dies in This Elevator.” For more information follow the show @SDITEpod on all social media platforms. 
  • The Subjective Truth podcast

    INTRODUCING: The Wanderer


    Some great folks just released a new series we think you might enjoy... INTRODUCING: THE WANDERER “..for The Wanderer, a bargain with the forest and a vow to wander might just be the only way to find his love, Andrew, and get him home safe. Aided by only his wits and the magic of his guitar, the Wanderer will have to face the challenges that both the forest and his mind put before him." Visit for more info. Or follow @callofthewander on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
  • The Subjective Truth podcast

    1.17 || FINALE || Preservation Through Destruction


    Confessions, Confrontations & Chaos. The Season 1 Finale. Featuring Performances by Addison Peacock, Sarah Golding, Steve McGrath, A.R. Olivieri, Danyelle Ellett, Lauren Ezzo, Jen Lyles, Melissa Medina, Marc Cashman, Erin Hanson, Karin Heimdahl, Sabrina Bailey, Emma Elizabeth, Michelle Nickolaisen, Bajio Alvarado, Coni Kitts, Ferry Van Der Woude and Kim Reiko. CW: Death, Alcoholism, Traffic Accident. Music by Bajio Alvarado | | The Blue Dot Sessions
  • The Subjective Truth podcast

    1.16 || Cryptid Hunt


    Graham goes looking for The Goatman on her last night in Taos. Writing, Editing, and Sound Design by Jeremy Ellett. Featuring Performances by Addison Peacock, Josh Rubino, Aurore Gautheur, Bajio Alvarado, Roger J. Thacher, Lauren Ezzo, Bailey Cuccaro, Ferry Van Der Woude, Coni Kitts, and Kim Reiko. Music by Bajio Alvarado, Daniel Birch, and The Blue Dot Sessions.  Additional SFX provided by | Credits and Transcripts are available at
  • The Subjective Truth podcast

    1.15 || The Blue Mesa Hotel


    Graham arrives at The Blue Mesa Hotel. It's Cursed but not in the way you'd think. Starring Addison Peacock, Josh Rubino, Aurore Gautheur, Bajio Alvarado, Chris Butera, Stephanie Foults, Drew Kocour, Roger J. Thacher, Bailey Cuccaro, Inspector J, Ameangelofsin and Phlo. Music by Bajio Alvarado, Dyno Might, Scott Arc, Setuniman, and The Blue Dot Sessions. Additional SFX from For a complete list of effects included in this episode or to access transcripts please visit
  • The Subjective Truth podcast

    1.14 || The Goatman


    A strange trip to Taos. A time-traveling dog. And an encounter with the Goatman. More calls from the tipline.  Music Provided by Bajio Alvarado and The Blue Dot Sessions.  Featuring Performances by Sarah Nightmare, Bajio Alvarado, Joshua Maldonado, Wilson Apolo, Chris Butera, Brice Bankard, SumOlives, Jared I. Magee, Danyelle Ellett, and Elliot Gindi.    The ‘Therma, New Mexico’ voicemail was written by Shamus Burns.  The ‘Lonely Caller’ voicemail was written and performed by Elliot Gindi.

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